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Kuranashi (闇無?) is an Impurity and a Basara.


Kuranashi wears mainly dark clothes with tall purple boots reaching his knees and gloves with white outlines and a long, black cape. He has long yellowish white hair.

Kuranashi is recognised by his trademark mask which hides his face. It is shaped like a bull's head, is mainly white and has purple patterns on it.

After his mask is broken when battling with Arima, he makes a new mask in his apartment-like house in Magano, which is more powerful, more durable and stronger. It has red patterns on it and black in colour. The new one is also shaped like a bull's head but it's "horns" are longer.

When he removed his mask, his eyes are both eyes of normal human. This maybe because he absorbed Arima's power during their battle in Magano. But it is not because of that, he actually absorbed Moro's spell power, when she lost the battle against Sakura and Miku. Moro doesn't mind Kuranashi took her spell power because he said that she will live inside his body for eternity as the both of them would die together.

When he absorbed the spell power of ten over twelve of the Guardians, his clothes change to a white outfit with purple linings. Showing his torso and his kuji-kiri is on his chest.


He is a manipulator. He likes to play with people's lives and has a strong influence over other Basaras. His goal is to become the king of Magano and the Real World by becoming the ultimate spell power user. All along he wants every comrades who is beside him except Moro to be dead when he'll rule the two worlds.


Kuranashi is responsible for all the Dragon Spots that had been appearing all over Japan. He achieved this by breaking off a branch from Ame-no-Mihashira, which ultimately turned into Sae. It seems like before the first Dragon Spot appear in the time skip, he teamed up with Yuto Ijika to eliminate all of the exorcists in Japan, including the Twelve Guardians and the Twin Stars.

After Tatara leaves him badly damaged, Kuranashi tries to absorb Yuto's power, but his plan backfires when Yuto absorbs all of his powers instead, killing him.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Kuranashi is the oldest Basara which makes him the strongest Basara of all and he resembles an old man. This makes his spell power extremely high where he can control huge rocks to throw at his enemies and shoot dark rays with his hand.

Kuranashi is able to open portals between Magano and the real world. He is also able to steal the hearts of other Basara and absorb their spell power.

Kuranashi is also able to drain exorcists of their spell power by using a Seiman, as demonstrated on the exorcist head.[2] According to him, the more power the victim has, the more power is drained.

He also seems to be exceptionally powerful because he managed to break into the Exorcist Headquarters without being detected, despite all the barriers that had been cast around it.

It seems that Kuranashi's power mainly comes from his mask, as observed by Arima Tsuchimikado, because when a part of the mask was damaged, it had a huge effect on Kuranashi.[3]

When he obtained the power of the Twelve Guardians, Kuranashi can use their weapons at anytime.[4]


  • "Not all the stars shine in the light. Some hide within the shadows." (Episode 29)
  • "It's not very entertaining if you don't know the objective of the game you're playing." (Episode 38)



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