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Mayura Otomi (音海おとみ繭良まゆら Otomi Mayura?) is the daughter of Yukari Otomi and Seigen Amawaka, granddaughter of Zenkichi Otomi, and a close friend of Rokuro Enmado and later Benio Adashino.

Later, she becomes the tenth head of the Amawaka House under the name, Mayura Amawaka (天若 繭良 Amawaka Mayura?). She is also the Byakko of the Twelve Guardians, after being admitted by White Tiger and later officially succeeded. This makes her the youngest member after Shimon Ikaruga.


Mayura appears to be of equal height with Rokuro and Benio, and shares a slender figure. However, unlike Benio, she is extremely well-endowed and has F cup breasts, which makes Benio to ask about that (inherited, as both Yukari and Yuzuru are of G cup) and elicit some comedic envy. Mayura's hair fades from blonde to pastel green and she possesses blue eyes. Typically depicted in her school uniform, she later swaps them out for more casual wear. She most resembles her mother, Yukari.

Her appearance does not change after the time skip except she has gotten taller.

Her exorcist costume at Tsuchimikado Island is designed by her relative Yuzuru, which include a skirt with a cape similar to Seigen's.

Four years later, her hair has grown longer and she has become taller but still the same height as Benio.


Both lines of Mayura's parents consists powerful exorcists - her father's line is the Amawaka House of Twelve Guardians, and her father Seigen was the third powerful of the Guardians - the highest level of exorcists, while her maternal uncle Satoshi had the qualification to battle with Ikagura House, and grandfather Zenkichi is an executive of Mainland exorcists. Zenkichi's father and grandfather were also exorcists protecting the town.[1] However, like her mother, Mayura did not practice exorcism.

Mayura was conceived in Tsuchimikado Island but born and raised in Mainland. After Rokuro was found by Seigen in Magano, and Seigen was distributed to Mainland to watch Rokuro, she would sometimes come to Hiinatsuki Dormitory with Seigen. After the tragedy, she comforted Rokuro and came to Ryogo to talk about Rokuro.


Mayura is a kind and caring person, as shown when she was afraid of Rokuro becoming an exorcist again for she knew how much he detested it.

Despite being a usually happy person, on the outside, she tends to keep her true feelings bottled up. She also tends to easily get down on herself and negatively compare herself to others. As noted by Rokuro, Benio and her father, Mayura has a habit of saying strange expressions or insults, such as calling Rokuro "Puberty Top Runner" or "Natural Born Cradle Robber". When this habit was mentioned to her, Mayura claims to have no control over it, which surprised Benio who believed she put thought into it.

She is very timid as said by Seigen, her father. Due to her being timid, she is unable to become a "good" exorcist. She was also unable to bring herself to slay Impurities when she first became an exorcist.

However, when she stopped being timid due to Sayo being saved, she became much stronger and braver. As shown she decided to join her father in order to protect Rokuro and Benio.

She is Rokuro's childhood friend and the daughter of his master, Seigen Amawaka and maternal granddaughter of one of his caretakers Zenkichi Otomi. She has had feelings for Rokuro ever since but he was completely unaware of them, mostly due to his past and denseness. She and Rokuro were close in the past, as she was the one who comforted him after Yuuto Ijika's actions.


At first she is against Rokuro becoming an exorcist again, having seen how broken he was after the incident, she yells at him saying that she does not want to see him in such a sad state ever again. This leads to an argument between Benio Adashino and her concerning Rokuro's safety. He ends the argument between the two when they ask him what he wanted, to which he responds, "If there is something I can protect, I want to protect it." He adds in that even if he died while fighting if it were an atonement to everyone who died, he would be fine with that.

Angry and sad, Mayura leaves the two alone. She, however, left behind her charm, which Benio recognizes its usage to keep impurities from sensing high levels of enchanted powers. Mayura is captured by an impurity but is saved by Rokuro. Afterward, she eventually realizes Exorcism and fighting Impurities is where he belongs.

As she is walking home from school, she meets up with her father and they go to a restaurant. After asking about her mother, Seigen asks her how long is she going to call him 'dad' as he is hardly ever around. This prompts her to say that both she and her mom knows the work that Seigen is doing, and she is shown to respect that. Soon, Seigen leaves her with a warning to not get involved with Rokuro anymore as he is "fundamentally different from us".

Mayura as a fallen impurity, Vol. 3, Chap. 8

She then finds Rokuro who is feeling down because Benio found that he was the lone survivor of the Hiinatsuki Incident. He asks if there is nothing he can do as an exorcist, to which Mayura retorts that he is a little drama queen and chops him on the head. Shortly after she cheers him up, she turns into a fallen impurity in front of him.

Seigen and Benio catch up to them, and Seigen asks the two to leave as he is going to exorcise Mayura. He laments that he was not able to do anything that was remotely fatherly for her. As they both fight, Benio and Rokuro noticed that they can hear Mayura's voice, albeit faint and fading. They inform Seigen and together as the twin star exorcist, they purify Mayura.

In the aftermath of the battle with Yuuto, Mayura becomes distraught that both Rokuro and Benio will leave her to go face increasingly dangerous foes. This leads her to begin training as an exorcist over the two year time skip, with the help of Rokuro and Benio. Her father , living with her would also pitch in on occasion. In this time, she becomes closer to Benio as a friend.

Mayura pleads with Shimon to train with her.

After the time skip, Mayura is still unsure of herself and her father blatantly tells her that she probably doesn't have what it takes to be an exorcist. When she was training she runs across Shimon Ikaruga, he scolds her, saying that the only person who brings Mayura down is herself. He reveals to her that Sayo, the host of Kuzunoha will not live a long life due to the strain of Kuzunoha's powers. He asks Mayura if what she believes in is so difficult that she can't do anything about it. Mayura yells that she doesn't want to be reprimanded by him. Still, Mayura wants to protect her friends and seeks help from him, who after some convincing agrees to train with her.

During the Sayo Rescue Arc Mayura is given the Reifu by her father that allows her to summon Byakko the White Tiger. Initially, Seigen was asked to go by Shimon, but he turns to his daughter and tells her that the world of exorcism was not one where you can have one foot in. She needs "to find the resolve to step both feet in right now."

Mayura's shield, trapping her and Higano.

When Rokuro and Shimon are battling Basara level impurity Hijirimaru, his partner, Higano went after Sayo, who was placed with Mayura. She tried to hold her own against him, but failed and was mocked by him, stating that she wasn't worth killing. Benio tries to intervene but was knocked out by Higano. Mayura, frustrated with her inability but still determined to protect everyone, calls upon a barrier to contain both Higano and herself, to prevent him from harming Sayo and Benio.

In the barrier, she casts a curse upon herself to ensure that should Higano touch her, he would be cursed as well. In retaliation, Higano casts lightning towards her, which was what Mayura was counting on. She casts another shield around herself, which reflects the lightning attack from her, inside the shield and towards him. Her plan however, fails to incapacitate him long enough for her to both shield Sayo and heal Benio. He taunts her by threatening to burn Benio's body to crisp, as Mayura shouts at him to stop. Byakko appears before her and introduces himself to Mayura. She asks of him to lend her his strength, and thus with his power Mayura becomes her father's replacement among the Twelve Guardians.

Mayura pleads to Arima to save her friends.

Later on in the battle, Mayura is shown to watch in horror as Benio is surrounded by the miasma of Magano, and watches as the Benio fights Higano in her impurity form. When Sayo is taken away, Mayura stayed to protect Benio who has once again fainted, until the head exorcist arrives. She pleads for him to save the rest of her friends. She is there to witness Benio getting attacked by Sayo's guardian, and afterward, runs to hug Rokuro and regroup, her father watching her from afar with Arima.

In the aftermath of the rescue, Mayura helped Rokuro set up a small party for Benio, in celebration of her release from the hospital. She was with him when Shimon and Sayo announced that they will be leaving for Tsuchimikado Island. She left Rokuro alone, stating that she has other matters to take care. She was then later shown to be holding a letter of resignation from school in front of her mother, determined to go to the Island together with Rokuro.

As they reached the Tsuchimikado Island, she was mistaken as the female of the Twin Star Exorcists at first. Their local guide Shimon took them around the Island, and later took them to the Taigetsuro to see all the tops of the Island. Tenma Unomiya proposed that he would take them to Shinsou Magano to see the battle on the Island. She saw the head of Ioroi House, Narumi Ioroi, who claimed to be her father's friend, with two of his children Kazuma,Shizuru and two Senka, and the head of Kasukami House Cordelia Kasukami with her four Senka at the entrance. The depth was 1780, and both she and Rokuro fainted during the watch.

After she woke up, she found herself wrapped in robe, with her underwear off, and the women who did so was Yuzuru Amawaka, her father's cousin, and she told Mayura that she would be the tenth head of Amawaka House. Later when she returned to the hotel, the butler of Ikaruga House, ordered by Shimon take them to the Ikaruga Main Family. The people of Ikaruga House welcomed them warmly.

After that Mayura finally decided to return to the Amawaka House to be the head. She told Yuzuru that she still didn't have the consciousness to be a head, as she only want to help Rokuro and later her father's family. Yuzuru laughed and told that it's fine that Mayura act for self.

Later, Mayura and Rokuro join the school on Tsuchimikado Island. She entered the strongest class, Group 1. As Amawaka House is far away from the school and need to go by ferry, she had to live in dormitory in weekdays. Yuzuru warned her that she shouldn't be too close to the roomate, as others would use her identity as a Twelve Guardians. But later Mayura found that her roommate was that Shizuru Ioroi, a friendly one and also from the Twelve Guardian Houses, and two are of the same group. She would later train with her from time to time.

However the Senka of Amawaka House, Jinya Yosami and others are hostile to her. Jinya challenge to her and Mayura failed miserably. He and others insulted Mayura to be too weak, and it later turned out the Senka wanted Mayura to live with her family and away from battle.

In order to win Jinya in the next duel and let the Senka accept her, she asked Shimon to help her. Shimon let her use heavily restrictive enchantments in her daily life, but during the watch of the Ikaruga House's battle, she used enhancement enchantments to nullify them. Shimon found that Mayura's advantages are in fact controls, and he decided to bring her to a training island to learn Mystic Spell Equip.

As Shimon has motion sickness, he forgot to fix the boat and the two are stranded within the island. They decided to train and wait for the rescue. At first Mayura made little progress, but after a rest and talking with Shimon, she could enchant the Mystic Spell Equip to an entire arm. Later Yuzuru and the Ikagura butler came to bring them back, and told them the Senka of Amawaka House were in great danger.

During the rescue mission with Shimon, Mayura awakened her Matoi Kajiri and maintained for a minute, thus saving all the Senka. She told them she was finally aware of their true feelings, and was thankful for them protecting the house. And their purpose was finally done - let the Senka accept Mayura. Also Shimon began to look her as a love interest.[2]

She is later shown to be battling in the Magano Depth 1988 against Kamikirizaka, and then watching in awe as Sada Sakura and Subaru Mitejima help battle against it. Mayura remarks how big the power gap between them and her is, even with all three of them having been blessed by the powers of Heavenly Commander.

Mayura remarks on the gap between her and the other commanders.

In the Hadare Castle Games, she is matched up against Subaru Mitejima. Mayura stares her down with a serious expression which is broken when the latter fondles her. Subaru tells her not to be so nervous and tells her its alright to attack but Mayura refuses demanding for her to put armor on herself. The heavenly commander refuses and starts attacking repeating that its alright for her to attack her if she so wishes to, to which Mayura; after getting hit by her attacks; says that she'll end up killing her if she gets serious. This was met with jeers from the crowd, particularly the Mitejima house.

Mayura's readies her attack.

Subaru asks why Mayura was fighting, as she was a child from the Mainland, where it is safe and far away from any fights. Mayura replies that she wanted to become stronger for her own sake, so she can keep the people precious to her from feeling sad. At this, Subaru laughs and activates her armor; Gaihou Goura. Mayura thanks her for this, and proceeds to prepare her attack; in her head, she hopes that the people witnessing her battle can see how much stronger she's become. The two clash again, but only Subaru comes out of this unharmed as the winner.

Mayura apologizes for saying rude things to her, to which Subaru scolds her that she has been alive for much longer, and declares aloud that she will take Mayura as her disciple and that she can still get even stronger. Subaru also quietly tells herself: 'It's possible that one day, I might have you kill that child in my place.'.

She later watches Rokuro's fight with Kankuro Mitosaka where she is shocked at his Shikigami being made of Ohagi. However, she is amazed when he activates it transforming into armor allowing him to overpower the Heavenly Commander. She cheers him on as the battle goes on and when Rokuro deals the final blow to Kankuro and is declared the winner much to Mayura's awe.

During Shimon's fight with Tenma, Tenma intentionally cut one of Shimon's legs to protect him. Mayura rushed in front of Shimon to first aid him. She later went to see Shimon in hospital and comforted him.

Mayura on the Byakko succession ceremony

Before the mission to fight Yuuto Ijika, Mayura officially succeeded the Byakko of Twelve Guardians. She later joined the mission, leading Yuzuru and other Senka.

Powers and Abilities

Mayura gains Byakko's powers.

  • Spell Powerness: As both of her parents' line consist powerful exorcists, even untrained she had possibly stronger power than 23-year-old Ryogo Nagitsuji trained since childhood.
  • Controls: Her father, Amawaka Seigen, praised her for memorizing long spell enchantments. She can use three enchantments after only two years of training. She has mastered Matoi Kajiri for roughly a week.
  • Enchanted Gear: Barriers and spells tend to be what she is best at, to the point that even a Basara level impurity has trouble doing actual damage to her. In addition, she is shown to be capable of casting curses as well, as shown in her fight with Higano.
  • Curses: Mayura can resort to curses as a last resort.
    • Yatsume no Arakoshizume no Tokoi (八つ目の荒籠鎮めの呪詛 Yatsume no Arakoshizume no Tokoi?, Eight-Stitch Bastket Curse): By placing a curse upon an object, the curse will pass to anyone who touches it. The victim would writhe in agony for seven days and seven nights until they cough blood and die. Mayura placed the curse on herself to inflict the curse on Higano when he would touch her.[3]
  • Barriers: Mayura can create a variety of barriers for protection or entrapment.
    • Hekireki Tenso (霹靂天掃 Hekireki Tensō?, Thunderclap Dispel): After using a set of four charms, the user encase themselves in a spherical barrier that can reflect back thunder based spells. Mayura uses it against Higano.[4]
  • Spirit Guardian: She gains the spirit of the Byakko from her father and with it a powerful fighting form. Guardian Byakko showed himself when Mayura was fighting against Higano, the 9th Basara and in the process grants her Byakuren Koho (白蓮虎砲 "White Lotus, Tiger Arms"?). Here, she gains huge claw-like weapons that covers her entire arm, and attacks by making large slashing attacks, which is capable of slicing apart rocks and the ground itself. Her speed itself seemed to have been boosted as well. However, prior to her training with Shimon Ikaruga, her strength is so weak that she was easily defeated by the strongest male in the Amakawa House, even with the use of the enchanted gear of the white tiger.

Mayura using Matoi Kajiri

  • Kozan - Kagutsuchi (虎斬·軻遇突智 "Tiger Slash - Kagutsuchi"?)[5]
  • Kobyaku - Susanoo (虎闢·須佐之男 "Tiger Release - Susanoo"?): Used when she was battling Subaru Mitejima. Based on the stance, it seems to be slightly similar to that of her father's one hit kill move (Koku Kurikara). It might be the same attack, except with Mayura's own adjustments to it.[6]
  • Byakuren Koho Matoi Kajiri (白蓮虎砲 纏神呪 Byakuren Kohō Matoi Kajiri?, "White Lotus Tiger Arm Mystic Spell Equip"): With Byakko Meikyo Fu (白虎明鏡符 Byakko Meikyō Fu?, "White Tiger, Clear Mirror-Charm"), Mayura was able to increase her power immensely. Unlike other Twelve Guardians who can maintain Matoi Kajiri for five minutes or longer, she can only maintain it for one minute for now. [7]


Seigen Amawaka

Seigen is Mayura's father, who left her and her mother behind when she was just a child, and is quite cold to her. Despite this, Mayura still loves him and calls him "Dad" by teasingly stating that she knows he likes being called that, much to his annoyance. Mayura firmly stated to him that she and her mother know the reason that he left in the first place was to protect them from danger and to try not to get them involved in exorcism. Seigen was surprised by her views and could barely say anything to this.

After Seigen leaves the Twelve Guardians, he lives with Mayura and his ex-father-in-law, and after bugging and begging him, teaches Mayura exorcism.

Rokuro Enmado

Mayura is Rokuro's childhood friend. She had a crush on him but he was unaware to it. She is very worried at first about Rokuro being an exorcist again but soon accepts it. She also seems to accept Benio's and Rokuro's relationship and them both staying in the same house.

In later chapters, when she sees Rokuro and Benio together always fighting and becoming stronger she feels left behind hopelessly and starts training with Rokuro and Benio in their house on weekends and saying that she won't let Rokuro and Benio have, as she coins often, "illicit sexual relationships". Determined not to get left behind by the them and saddened by her "low resolve", she becomes one of the Twelve Heavenly Commanders while fighting a Basara, seemingly "inheriting" her father's post.

Rokuro sees her as a family-member-like person, as they grew up together, and Mayura is related to Zenkichi and Seigen. He would care for her safety when she became a fallen impurity, and she was matching with Subaru, and told Kinako that she would join her as a team member at first thought, after founding Enmado House.

Despite her feelings, she supports his and Benio's relationship while telling Shizuru (who also likes Rokuro) that its for the best. However, it is shown she still has feelings for even after years of supporting Rokuro and Benio, as she got jealous of Suzu flirting with Rokuro.

Benio Adashino

When Benio turned into her impurity form for her first time, Mayura was shocked and recalled the times, the human Benio was together with her

Mayura first met her as a new classmate sitting nearby, and later accidentally spotted her in her and Rokuro's new house. After she learned about the truth, the two had a heated discussion about Rokuro being an exorcist again. Despite this and the fact that they both like Rokuro, it doesn't get in the way of their newly developed friendship. Later when Mayura was turned into a fallen impurity, Benio, like Rokuro, was determined to save her.

During the two-year time skip, Benio, alongside with Rokuro, helped her with the training to become an exorcist.

In the fight with Hijirimaru and Higano, Mayura gained her power as a Guardian, for the sake of protecting her, Sayo and others. After she was exhausted, Sayo did the identification ceremony to awaken Benio's power. Being the only one who witnessed Benio's impurity form, she was shocked but still thought she was a human.

At the airport, when she and Rokuro were heading to the Tsuchimikado Island, Benio told her she would be strive to regain her power. She seemed pleased and told Benio that this would make her more motivated.

In anime, Mayura was fond of Benio from the very beginning and was the first person Benio opened up to and was her first friend. They share a very strong bond and trust each other completely. Mayura is constantly worried about Benio's well-being whilst she is in Magano and admires her courage.

Shimon Ikaruga

Although Shimon displays slightly less interest in Mayura in the manga compared to the anime, their relationship is much more developed. Shimon and Mayura began to realize possible feelings for one another. When they were shipwrecked on an island, the two trained together and even slept next to each other. At one point, Mayura asks if he likes someone. He first says no, but later admits that there might be someone. They are also drawn holding hands and talking to each other on the beach one night in the island. The two seem very friendly, as Shimon encourages Mayura before her battle with Subaru. He also calls her by her first name.

After Mayura's battle, when Subaru finished announcing that Mayura would become her new disciple, Shimon's brother says, "That was close. Is that the girl you like so much?" in which Shimon replies, "Yes, ... it is." After that, his brother notices that it looked like Shimon was feeling down and thought it was because Shimon expected Mayura to win the fight. Very soon, Keiji meets Mayura outside the latter's hospital room and notices they seem eager to talk and leaves out teasing them while Mayura notes on their contrasting attitudes.


Shimon and Mayura's first meeting wasn't the best, as they first met when Mayura walked in on Shimon naked after taking a shower, who then strictly told her to "close the door already." In addition, when Mayura was training alone, he walked in on her unzipping her shirt. She then calls him a "peeping closet pervert."

After he helped her realize why she truly wanted to become an exorcist, he agrees to train with her and teaches her new and fundamental skills, like the Air Fissure Bullet. He is told by Mayura that he has the same teaching style as Seigen, which makes him quite flattered, and Mayura reminds Shimon of himself when he first begged Seigen to teach him.

Shimon seems to be generally interested in Mayura, from the way he behaves to her actions. He also greatly cares about her safety and well-being, as shown in episode 27 when he saves Mayura from an A level serpent impurity, unintentionally carrying her in a princess hold that he himself doesn't notice but Mayura does. This is also shown when he tells her not to strain herself when she casts a charm on her friend to ease the pain. After these events, Shimon asks Mayura to refer to him as simply "Shimon," since it's slightly stifling when she refers to him as "Ikagura-san." Seeing the two working together, Seigen says that they "seemed to be awfully close."

Later, the close relationship between Shimon and Mayura also seemed to be noticed by other characters. In anime episode 33, Rokuro said they seemed "kinda close." After training again, Mayura calls Shimon a "cool red demon drill sergeant" and Haruka said that "the two seem to go well together." After that, Seigen was a little bit upset when he heard what Haruka said. However, it is still unclear if Mayura and Shimon possess such feelings towards each other. In episode 35, Mayura was proudly telling Benio about why Shimon was flying and how amazing he was when he started out as the Twelve Guardians. Benio told Mayura that she knows Shimon pretty well and Mayura blushed while denying it. Also, in episode 37 after training of Rokuro and Benio, Mayura thought in her mind" Almost feels like I'm jealous of the mind and soul sharing newlyweds over here...".

Shizuru Ioroi

Shizuru is Mayura's roommate at school. Despite Shizuru's views of mainland exorcists, she is very friendly to Mayura and is usually willing to train with her.

Coincidentally, both girls share feelings for the same boy Rokuro Enmado and are aware of it. However, they both resolved his and Benio’s relationship for the time being.


  • "There aren't any fairytales with the bad guys winning!"
  • "It doesn't scare me if you raise your voice like that!" ... "Me and mom too! The fact that you're fighting with your life on the line, and that you left the house so we wouldn't get involved, we know that much at least!"
    to Seigen; Chapter 8
  • "I knew this day would eventually come, so I have to congratulate them... I couldn't get a hold of a single thing I wanted!"
    to herself; Chapter 25
  • "What do you know about humans?! They're friends because you can't abandon them! It's pointless if even one of them is missing! You encyclopedia egoist!"
    to Higano; Chapter 27
  • ""I just want to be strong. My family and friends... To prevent the people precious to me from feeling sadness... And to do that, I have to become stronger than anyone else...!"... "It's all... For my own sake!"
    to Subaru; Chapter 42


  • The name Mayura means "cocoon" (繭) (mayu) and "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra).
  • Mayura's surname Otomi means "sound" (音) (oto) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).


  • In the PS Vita game, Mayura is one of the Candidates for the Twin Star Exorcists.


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