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The Miko (神子?) is the prophesied child of the Twin Star Exorcists and the one believed to end the thousand year war between the exorcists and the impurities.[1]

According to Chinu, the Miko was never born from any of the previous generations of Twin Stars.


The Miko is only mentioned throughout the series and is the prophesied child of a pair of Twin Star Exorcists. The sex of Miko, and which child of the Twin Star couple Miko is, are currently unknown, although Miko is usually assumpted as a girl.

Powers and Abilities

Extreme Enchanted Powers - As the one whose destiny is to end the war, the Miko is speculated to be extremely powerful.

Yin-Yang Dual Spell Power - As her mother is expected to be the Great Yin, who is said to possess immense Negative spell power as the most powerful impurity and possess power superior to that of the all the Basara and her father as the Great Yang who is stated to posses spell power superior to all Twelve Guardians. The Miko is expected to naturally possess dual affinity towards both energies and use techniques and powers of both Exorcists and Impurities and was prophesized to be powerful enough to destroy the King of Impurities.


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