Momochi (百道?) is a Basara in the anime.


Momochi is one of two Basara twins. drHe is the exact opposite of Chijiwa in appearance. His hair is mostly white with a black streak on the right. He wears a white tux , white bow tie, red and black shirt on the inside and white shoes his right eye is black with a red pupil and a zig-zag crack on the lower part of his right eye while his left eye is golden coloured. He has a deeper voice than Chijiwa. His Kuji-kiri might be on his abdomen like Chijiwa although his is not revealed in the anime.


He mostly frowns but sometimes he smiles when he agrees or does good deeds. However, he is very loyal to his twin brother as he always appreciates Chijiwa's generousity and they both fully understand each other. He also pushed his brother out of harm's way when they were struck by the Twin Star's Resonance.


He and his twin brother, Chijiwa, engaged the twin star exorcists in battle and were able to resist their resonance before subduing them. They planned to absorb their spell power but Sae intervened and freed them causing them to turn their attention to her but before they could attack the were all sent to the real world. Chijiwa and Momochi were soon realized they were surrounded by three of the heavenly commanded who offered aid to the Twin Star who denied the help. Chijiwa arrogantly asked if the were sure about this as Momochi brought up they were immune to the Resonance though they were shocked to hear the Twin Stars shrug this off. Rokuro and Benio stated since the two threatened Sae they had to settle this matter themselves. They resumed the fight, with Chijiwa and Momochi briefly pushing Rokuro back and subduing Benio whom they taunted. However, Rokuro got up and freed Benio allowing them to fire a resonance which the basara twin dodged though this turned out to be a distraction. As Rokuro and Benio then fired a more powerful resonance which caused Momochi to push Chijiwa out of the way. As a result of the attack, both were heavily injured by the Twin Star Exorcists and were taken back to Magano by Kuranashi who opened two Dragon Spots to rescue them.

In Magano, Momochi laid heavily injured calling for his brother until he was found by Kuranashi who asked if he was okay and offered him help. Momochi apologized for losing, but Kuranashi pulled him in and stabbed through his chest with his hand pulling out his heart.

The dying Momochi cursed Kuranashi who revealed he thought Momochi to be useless before crushing his heart, killing him. Kuranashi left as Chijiwa appeared and found his brother's body before breaking down. Kuranashi arrived and lied to Chijiwa that the wounds Momochi suffered were too serious causing Chijiwa to curse the Twin Stars. Kuranashi soon gave Chijiwa his brother's spell power to heal his wounds and giving him more strength. After absorbing the Spiritual energy, Chijiwa swore vengeance on the Twin Star Exorcists.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Enchanted Power: As a Basara, he is more powerful than most Kegare and Exorcist. Arima stated that most Basara are comparable or even stronger than Twelve Heavenly Commanders.
  • Impurity Corruption Spell: Like his brother Chijiwa, Momochi has the ability to create strings of his own spell power. While working together with his brother, the two are able to create string walls which allow them to block powerful spells such as the Resonance.