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Moro (もろ?) is a Basara that hails from the Outcast Valley village.

In the anime, she is Kuranashi's loyal servant and the responsible for the death of Sakura Sada's father twenty-years prior, until she finally faces justice against Sakura herself and Miku Zeze.



Moro wears a nun-like outfit and seems to carry a baby sized bundle of bandages.


Moro has long white wavy greenish hair that runs down her waist. Her left eye is covered by her long hair and also has golden eyes. Moro has a slender body with dark skin. She wears a sleeve less semi-dress with the two sides exposing her body, except the waist area is tied to the dress. She also has a red ribbon tied to the left side of her chest. Her dress is floor length.




Moro has a high sense of loyalty towards Kuranashi and has no conscience to those she kills. She likes delicious people by preferring quantity over quality and also gets elated when she gets a "lovely feeding ground". Moro loves to save her favorite meal for later.



She is one of the new Basara to have been created.

Moro alongside Atago was shown to have passed through one of the gates created in order to infiltrate Tsuchimikado Island and kill as many residents and Exorcists within the Island on a suicide mission in order to weaken their forces and act as a distraction while the main force of Basara go after the Twin Stars due to sensing Rokuro Enmado's awakening as the "Great Yang".


Twenty years prior to the current storyline, Moro kills the father of Sakura Sada and the partner of Miku Zeze.

Powers and Abilities


Moro's overall Ranking is unknown, but given that she was sent to Tsuchimikado Island and being a Basara, Moro herself is highly formidable.

  • Immense Enchanted Power: As a Basara, Moro possess immense Enchanted power on par or surpassing the amount possessed by the Twelve Guardians.
  • Bandaged Infant: Moro carry around a infant-sized lump completely wrapped in bandags that seemingly acts as the controller for her giant shikigami dolls.
    • Giant Shikigami: During their invasion and rampage in the Island, Moro is able to summon a Gigantic Armored, Mechanical Robot like shikigami using the bundle of bandages she holds. The Shikigami itself possess immense physical strength and is strong enough to overpower and massacres' scores of lower level Exorcists on the Island, tearing them apart by simply swatting them aside and crush two human beings into a bloody pulp using its hands. The Shikigami can rotate and drill its fists in order to do devastating damage to a large area.
    • Spider Shikigami: Upon being enraged by Kasukami House, Moro creates a second giant Shikigami. This one has the same mask as the first but is shown to have have a metal spider like body instead of the heavy armor of the first. Due to its lighter frame, the Shikigami has shown to be incredibly fast and nimble, easily overpowering and outmaneuvering Cordelia Kasukami and her retainers with its claws and limbs, destroying their Giant armor and tear it to shreds and forcing them to flee.


As a Basara, Moro possess immense levels of enchanted power easily rivaling or surpassing that of the Twelve Guardians and due to at least being a few hundred years old, Moro possessed immense combat experience and is skilled enough to easily overpower and dominate powerful Exorcists.

  • Giant Shikigami: Moro can create a gigantic armored shikigami servant that she can control at will that is primarily responsible for devouring and collecting Enchanted Spell power for her.
  • Muscle Expansion: By consuming people's spell power with the giant armor she controls, she can increase the muscle mass of her arms and legs, giving her more strength to fight.
  • Giant Transformation: While using her technique to increase her muscle mass and thus her physical strength, Moro can use her bare hands to crush the earth through far distances. When she get frustrated or furious during battle, she will show her true form and grows into a giant, crushing anything in her path. She did this while fighting with Sakura and Miku.


  • Moro was introduced as an anime-only Basara but was included in the manga later on.
  • In the anime, Moro has Gabura's role as the sworn enemy of Sakura Sada amnd Miku Zeze.


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