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Narumi Ioroi (五百蔵いおろい なる Ioroi Narumi?) is an exorcist and Kōchin (勾陳?) of the Twelve Guardians. He is also the head of Ioroi House and father of nine children of Main Family.


Narumi is a large muscular man with blond spiky hair and beard. His skin tone is darker than most characters. His outfit consists a long black and yellow suit. His chest includes four gadgets, two on each side and his neck is covered by a glowing yellow light on his collar. He has a belt that has four heptagons, two on each side. On his wrists, he wears a black and white cuff with a yellow stone embedded. He wears a pair of black and white shoes. When naked, Narumi wear Fundoshi.


Narumi has a personality that is described to be a perfect fit for Rokuro by Shimon. He is shown to be highly motivated for his fight against the impurities and believe that the sacred duty of the exorcist is to fight and fight and triumph against the impurities. He also believe that there is no strength in a life that is ready to be abandoned. Also, he has the strange belief that even the exorcist died they will still live on and triumph.

He is shown to punish his daughter by spanking her in front of everyone present when she used a masculine word while referring to herself and told her that she must stop behaving like a boy.

When his children are engaged in battle, Narumi is calm and analyze their moves.

Influenced by Tamami in their childhood, he values hard-working and struggle. His beloved family are the source of his power.


Narumi was born as the first son of Ioroi Main Family, and destined to be the next head. During childhood he was weak in spell power and body, and bullied by other boys. A girl around his age encouraged him and he decided to exercise and study hard afterwards. At the age of 17, when he had became significantly stronger in both body and will, he came to seek the girl and purposed to her. They later married and have nine children.

He was acquainted with Arima Tsuchimikado, Arata Inanaki and Seigen Amawaka in their school time, as they are all heirs of the most prominent houses and around the same age. He felt that the other three are chosen while he was a weak person.

Later, he partnered with Arata to help Seigen build relationship with Yukari Otomi without Seigen's permission. They acted awkwardly - trying to roleplay bandits to make Seigen and Yukari closer, then pretended as a pair of lovers to compete them in Anmitsu Challenge, which later make Anmitsu a least favorite of the three men. Later, together the three Guardians and Arima lead a fifty-people group to defeat the basara Chikura.[1]



Narumi was first seen at a battle preparation, when his team cheered up forming a circle, when the team from Kasukami House ridiculed them. He met Rokuro Enmado and Mayura Otomi, accompanied with Shimon Ikaruga, to have a tour of their battle. He acted warmly to Rokuro and hugged him up above, much to Rokuro's embarrassment. He told Rokuro that he was a good friend of his master Seigen, and also greet Seigen's daughter Mayura, saying that she was very similar to Yukari.

During a family outing, he scolds Shizuru for taking too long on picking weapons and notes with her explanation of trying to pick out the right one makes her similar to her mother. Rokuro then appears causing Narumi to voice pleasure at seeing him. He watches Rokuro speak with his daughter before inquiring on what Rokuro was buying and is told that it is his secret weapon in the games. This leaves him pondering on his plans. His wife and other kids then appear, after they give their names and status in the family, he tells Rokuro of his eldest daughter being married off. He then jokingly offers to let Rokuro join their house and let him marry her, as Shizuru yells at him father by stating she wouldn't marry a weakling like him and is annoyed when Rokuro gives a blank speechless look. The kids then go to eat with their mother and Narumi tells told Shizuru family to tell her mother that he'll be late when Rokuro asks to talk with him. Rokuro then asks him about the strongest on the island and Narumi gives him the layout, by labeling himself as the fourth and stating Rokuro might be on the level of his eldest son. After Rokuro leaves, Narumi wonders if he was upset by his gauging though thinks that might not be it.

During the Hadarae Castle Games, he watches as Rokuro battles Kankuro Mitosaka, while he was initially put off by the form of Rokuro's Shikigami, he is awed at its transformation and watches as he uses it to send the Heavenly Commander flying.[2]

Much later, while he and his family are preparing for the mission, Rokuro appears. Narumi speaks with him, praising him for his new developed as the Head of his own house and holding him in the air for his recent victory while wishing Seigen witnessed his feats. Afterwards, he prepares for the mission though watches as Shizuru tries to fix her face from embarrassment to her date with Rokuro.[3]


Narumi and Cordelia Kasukami arrive to protect the city from the Dragon Spot and the Basara Yamato. After Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino weaken the Dragon spot, Cordelia destroys the monstrous Impurity.[4]

Powers and Abilities


He can control the earth element with his own will with his Guardian Power.

  • Koden Chinza (勾殿陳坐 Kōden Chinza?): After enchanting his hammer with the Starquake Expose Charm (星震顕符 Seishin-genpu?),[5] Narumi slams it on the ground and creates earthen structures, using the power of Earth.[6]
    • Type Gyuuki (typeタイプ 牛騎?, Taipu Gyūki)[7]
    • Koden Chinza Mystic Spell Equip (勾殿陳坐 纏神呪 Kōden Chinza Matoi Kajiri?): With Kochin Clear Mirror Charm (勾陳明鏡符 Kōchin Meikyō Fu?), Narumi entered a state which enable him release huge power controlling the earth. He was also shown with a pair of horns.[8]

      Narumi equiped with Mystic Gear

      • Goen Mason Mugen Kairo (降閻魔尊無間回廊 Gōen Mason Mugen Kairō?): [9]


  • The name Narumi means "ringing" (鳴) (naru) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).


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