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Rokuro Enmado (えんどう ろくろ Enmadō Rokuro?) is the main protagonist of Twin Star Exorcists series. He is an exorcist and is the only survivor from the Hiinatsuki Dormitory. Together with Benio Adashino, they are the current Twin Star Exorcists, destined to have a child who will be the Miko. He also founded Enmado House on the Tsuchimikado Island.


Rokuro has messy dark brown hair, with a streak of hair at the top and has prominently sharp teeth. His eyes are of crimson red, much like his mother Abe no Seimei's.

Originally, he lost his right arm when he was 12, but due to special circumstances was able to gain a new one.

Two years later, Rokuro still has the same hairstyle but seems to have grown a bit longer. He is shown to have grown much taller and seems to have a stronger build.

At age 20, he is now taller and has a more muscular frame.


In the past he was quite cheerful, having dreams to cleanse and destroy all Impurities and Magano, but after the Hiinatsuki tragedy, due to the fear of losing more "people that he cared about", he decided to stop fighting and quit being an exorcist. He often attempts to become someone big in various areas like: soccer, acting, etc. but he lacks all kind of talent and fails at everything, including simple things as map reading.

Even though he no desire to fight, he can't stand by and do nothing when someone needs help, and he is ready to risk his life to help those in need, for example, when he saved Benio from the massive impurity she had trouble defeating herself, and when he rushed to Magano to save Ryougo, not taking any dangers in consideration.

Rokuro is a bit reckless at times and is very talkative, or, as Benio calls him, "loud". He retains a lot of emotional pain but keeps a strong exterior to make sure none of his friends worry about him.

After two years, he is shown to have matured, has a better sense of responsibility and is a very hardworking individual, both in exorcism and in school. It's enough to make him popular. In the anime, when he and Benio found Sae, he developed a father-like side, always watching out for Sae and worrying about her safety and well-being before his own.

He has a tendency to speak very formally like a samurai when flustered.

He is denoted as selfish by others due to his strong desires, and those desires are recognized to help those around him.


Rokuro was created by Abe no Seimei and was one of many clones constructed to look human. The Basara Sutara played the role of killing all the children of Abe no Seimei once they fell from their birthing location on the King of Impurities where she is sealed. After performing this task for centuries on end, he encountered an infant Rokuro, who smiled instead of crying upon seeing Sutara. Unsure of why he did so, Sutara felt compassion and took the baby Rokuro back home to Outcast Valley, where he raised Rokuro alongside his wife, Asuha. Using his ability to convert Yang energy into Yin energy and vice versa, Sutara created a nursery which is referred to as "The Inner Yin", filled with Yang energy to raise Rokuro in a more suitable environment for him. After raising him for six years, Rokuro's Yang energy grew too powerful to remain hidden from the rest of the village and so Sutara and Asuha erased all of Rokuro's memories of their time together, abandoning him at the highest layer they could reach so that he'd be found by exorcists.

Not long later, Rokuro was found by Seigen Amawaka and another exorcist in the Magano with no memories of his past. He was then brought to the Hiinatsuki Dormitory, where Ryogo Nagitsuji took care of him. When Rokuro was young, his dream was to become the strongest exorcist and exorcise all the impurities and sins. By the age of 12, he was already an amazing exorcist that was acknowledged by many. One day, Rokuro's classmate and long-time rival, Yuto Ijika, performed a forbidden ritual that would transform all students involved at Hiinatsuki Dormitory into Fallen Impurity, causing chaos into the campus. Rokuro himself was caught in the ritual, but rather than becoming a Fallen Impurity along with everyone else, his arm had turned into that of an Impurity, and a powerful one at that. With no choice left, Rokuro was forced to put down his fellow friends and students, he reluctantly killed everyone in the dormitory before confronting Yuto. The two fought and Rokuro managed to severely wound Yuto though latter had managed to escaped into Magano but his wounds gave Rokuro the belief that he'd died as a result. Ever since the tragedy, he gave up on being an exorcist due to the pain of the losses, despite being one of the most powerful, and loathes everything that has to do with them.


Rokuro was first seen confessing to a girl, but she turned him down, even telling him that there is nothing good about him. Rokuro rushed to Seika Dormitory, where he asked everyone if there was something good about him, but received stupid "good" qualities. As Rokuro was stating his dream, Ryougo and the rest told him he is not good at anything else other than exorcism and that he should become exorcist. This annoyed Rokuro, resulting in him leaving to clear his mind.

As Rokuro was walking outside, Chiaki, he saw a girl falling from the sky into the river and tried to save her, but he ended up needing to be saved by her. She asked him to help on getting to the place on the map she had, but in the end Rokuro wasn't able to find the spot. As they saw two children disappear into Magano, she used a charm and opened a portal to Magano to go and save them and Rokuro followed her. As Benio defeated multiple Impurities, a stronger Impurity showed up. She left the kids to Rokuro and gave him a charm to use to get out of Magano, while she defeats it. As she was about to be defeated, Rokuro stepped in and used a black charm, transforming one of his hands after which he defeated the Impurity with a single blow. That annoyed Benio, as she stepped on Rokuro's foot after that and told him that she didn't ask for his help.

After they left Magano, they met Kinu, the woman that takes care of Benio. Before heading towards the place she had to go, she and Rokuro exchanged names. In the end, Benio had to go to Seika Dormitory and when Rokuro came, they mocked him for not being able to read a map to his own place.

During the Battle of Exorcists, he watched as Shizuru Ioroi fought Sada Sakura and cheered her on but she loses anyway. Before the next fight, he runs into Kengo Ujii who tells him what he needs to know to fight Kankuro.

Rokuro vs. Kankuro Mitsoka

Rokuro goes up against Kankuro Mitosaka, who is pleased to see Rokuro again and tells him that he still has the chance to join his House. Rokuro was initially flattered by this and Kankuro wages that if he wins, Rokuro joins him but Rokuro wages if he wins then Mitsoka's house will join his. However, Kankuro turns it around by stating if that happens he'll join the house. They start the fight with Rokuro using some of his powers that are now unsealed but he is shown to be no match for Kankuro. The audience are not impressed by Rokuro's skill though are curious when Kankuro reveals that Rokuro is holding back not the other way around. Rokuro admits to this as he wanted to see how strong of an opponent Kankuro was before he uses his secret weapon. Rokuro then unleashes his Shikigami, which is in the form of Ohagi (from Benio's drawings) that doesn't impress until the audience is awed at its transformation into armor around Rokuro's arms. Rokuro then charges at the Heavenly Commander and sends him flying.[1]

Rokuro continues to tell Kankuro to fight at full strength calling him "Dr. Kan" as the Heavenly Commander questions his knowledge of it. He soon realizes Kengo Ujii told Rokuro this before he tells the latter to leave his private life out of the fight and attacks but Rokuro dodges and hits him in the stomach. He berates Kankuro for this as he reminds him of the rules and if he lost it would be assumed he intentionally held back, due to his rank.

Rokuro is soon cheered on to continue the fight by Mayura Otomi and Shizuru Ioroi, with this Rokuro continues to beat down Kankuro as he berates him for not fighting at full strength. This display earns him more praise from the audience and the members of the Enmado House while he is not pleased by this. Recalling his conversation with Kengo, Rokuro mentions he knows of an event that occurred seven years ago, where Kankuro was a happy doctor who tended to several children who were also his exorcist students and lost them in a tragedy. Rokuro implores Kankuro to fight him at full strength so that everyone will know that he fought hard.[2]

After Kankuro agrees to fight at full strength, they both realize their powers have a time limit and resolve to end it beforehand. The two fight more seriously with Rokuro being pushed back until Kankuro tells him his chance of victory are slim and tells him to concede as he already proved himself but Rokuro wishes to continue. He asks Kankuro if he is on the same level of Seigen and after being told that he is, Rokuro wants to finish the fight since that means he'll have surpassed Seigen and to know if he could defeat Yuto Ijika. After one final clash, Rokuro emerges as the victor and is given recognition by the island. [3]

After the games, the Enmado House has started thriving now that Kankuro has joined the family as a Sanka while still being the head of Mitosaka family, as a result, the Enmado House's reputation has improved greatly. Also, because Rokuro proved himself as strong to enough to be of use they began to do missions, and started to do rank C missions in a short time. Not only that, after their performance at the Exorcists' Games and with the help of Kankuro, two more families offer to join Enmado House as Sanka.[4]

Rokuro then travels Magano where he fights through swarms of Kegare, before he comes across Tenma Unomiya. He watches them before Yuto seemingly prepares to get the upper-hand until Tenma breaks away and Rokuro appears by attacking Yuto. Excited at seeing his former friend, Yuto greets him and Rokuro returns the sentiment before they trade punches with both expressing joy at the others new strength. Yuto stands ready as both Tenma and Rokuro prepare to engage him.[5]

Powers and Abilities

As a child, Rokuro survived being in Magano, where nothing but impurities inhabit. He was even said to be capable of defeating all impurities when clashing with Yuto in their sparring matches. He was able to survive the Hinatsuki Tragedy and cause Yuto, a powerful being in his own right, to retreat after their fight. Despite giving up his exorcist status for two years, Rokuro is shown to still be a powerful exorcist, as seen when he was able to destroy several impurities, some of which massive, and later push the much more experienced Benio back with almost no problem. Rokuro even lasted significantly longer in the battle with the Basara Kamui, whereas Benio was easily defeated. When he used his enchanted form, Rokuro was able to severely wound Yuto Ijika.

Two years later, Rokuro was able to clash with Shimon Ikaruga and while he was defeated, his skill impressed the Heavenly Commander, as the fight was quite close. Rokuro was even able to fight against two Basara simultaneously with help from his allies. In the same fight, he fought a powered up Hijirimaru in a powered up state.

During his time on Tsuchimikado Island, he was initially unable to keep up with the more skilled exorcists when entering Magano due to the island's stronger curruption effect, being regarded as weak by Shizuru Ioroi, ironically saving her, even in a weakened state. Things did not get better when Arima Tsuchimikado used a spell to seal off his powers that caused Rokuro to be put in the lowest class of the Exorcist School. However, Arimori Tsuchimikado was able to undo some of the seal, letting Rokuro use some of his old powers and permitting him to use Shikigami which he needed for future fights. It proved to be extremely powerful as it helped him defeat Kankuro Mitosaka the current third strongest of the Heavenly Commanders. This even earned him praise from the other exorcists who saw why he was picked as one of the Twin Stars and that he was stronger than they thought.

Impurity Arm

During the Hinatsuki Tragedy, his original arm was devoured by an impurity corrupted trainee, and he eventually got corrupted like the other trainees, but he managed to suppress the corruption and only had his arm regenerate into a rocky red impurity arm. The arm grants him immense power and speed and has helped him exorcise impurities with one punch.

  • Star Revealment Talisman (星装顕符 Seisōgenpu?, "Celestial Gear Expose Charm"):[6] Rokuro use this black charm to summon and control his Impurity Arm to perform exorcisms effectively. It is also a seal to disguise his arm into a human arm and prevent Rokuro being corrupted again. Unlike regular Enchanted Gears, it can use unlimited times.
    • Star Revealment Talisman - Homura (星装顕符・焔 Seisōgenpu - Homura?): After the second fight with Yuto, his master Seigen gave Rokuro this new red talisman, which gave to the new version of his arm; Astral Disaster (星方舞装アストラルディザスター Asutoraru Dizasutā?)[7]
      • Star Revealment Talisman - Byakuya (星装顕符・白夜 Seisōgenpu - Byakuya?): Before dying Arima Tsuchimikado gave Rokuro this new talisman.
  • Meteor Smash (流星拳メテオスマッシュ Meteo Sumasshu?): Rokuro creates the Wu Xing with his fingers while chanting and punches through the symbol, the destructive strength of the attack is extremely powerful.
    • Meteor Smash Incendio (流星炎滅魔焼拳メテオスマッシュ・インセンディオ Meteo Sumasshu - Insendio?): A high power version of Meteor Smash, after Rokuro has mastered the power of Shikigami.[8]
    • Starburst Stream (星命咆吼連弾スターバーストストリーム Sutābāsuto Sutorīmu?): [9]
  • Gold Smash (金烏天衝弾ゴルトスマッシュ Goruto Sumasshu?):
    • Gold Smash - White Howling (金烏天衝弾ゴルトスマッシュ 旭日昇天ホワイトハウリング Goruto Sumasshu - Howaito Hauringu?): [10]
    • Meteor Smash Prominence Drop (流星拳メテオスマッシュ紅焔降隣プロミネンスドロップ Meteo Sumasshu - Purominensu Doroppu?): .[11]

Astral Disaster - Flame Lord (星方舞装アストラルディザスター真炎王フレイムロード Asutoraru Dizasutā - Fureimu Rōdo?)[12]


Rokuro activating his black charm.png

Enchantment (呪装 Jusō?, "Charm Gear"): Being an Exorcist, Rokuro is able to use Enchanted Gears to help him combat Impurities when fighting in Magano.

  • Rekku Madan (裂空魔弾 Rekkū Madan?, lit. "Void-rending Magic Bullet"): Rokuro levitates multiple rocks and places a charm on them, he then fires them at high speed all at once.
  • Strong Arm Talisman (轟腕符 Gōwan-fu?, lit. "Rumbling Arm Charm"):
  • Fast Leg Talisman (韋駄天符 Idaten-fu?, lit. "Skanda Charm"):
  • Gaiho Gora (鎧包業羅 Gaihō Gōra?, lit. "Armor Tent Karmic Clothes"): Using the Iron Body Talisman (金剛符 Kongō-fu?, "Adamantine Charm"), Rokuro increases his defense for combat.
  • Tekkai Ragan (鐵塊羅岩 Tekkai Ragan?, lit. "Iron Mass, Stone Cloak"):[13]

Twin Star Exorcists Unique Abilities

Rokuro's and Benio's Resonance

  • Resonance (共振レゾナンス Rezonansu?): An ability exclusive only to the Twin Star Exorcists, it allows Rokuro and Benio to combine and multiply each other's power.
    • Sky Strizer (裂空魔双弾スカイ ストライザー Sukai Sutoraizā?): [14]
    • World End Overlay (双覇暁ワールド エンド哭剣オーバーレイ Wārudo Endo Ōbārei?): [15]
    • Crimson Meteor Smash (紅蓮クリムゾン流星拳メテオスマッシュ Kurimuzon Meteo Sumasshu?): [16]
    • Gaiho Byakurin Toki Gyokuto Gyokokuzan (鎧包 白凛闘牙 玉兎暁哭山 Gaihō Byakurin Tōki Gyokuto Gyōkokuzan?): [17]
    • Gold Smash - Bloody Glaive (金烏天衝弾ゴルトスマッシュ紅鏡光臨ブラッディグレイヴ Gorudo Sumasshu Buraddi Gureivu?): [18]
    • Reunion Spiral Hail (双赫螺旋雹星群リユニオンスパイラルヘイル Riyunion Supairaru Heiru?): Rokuro and Benio hold each other by one of their hands. Rokuro's right arm and Benio's legs change. A circle surrounde by several smaller circles appear and a massive beam of energy is shot.[19] In the anime, Rokuro and Benio hold each other by one of their hands, and together hold a sword. Then, they spin vertically like a wheel at great speed to attack the target.[20]

Anime Only

  • Glory Impulse (激削渦舌鉾グローリーインパルス Gurōrī Inparusu?): After concentrating energy into one of Benio's swords, she shoots a powerful beam to destroy the enemy. [21]
  • Vanishing Gold Smash (一切浄穢ヴァニッシング金烏天衝弾ゴルトスマッシュ Vanishingu Goruto Sumasshu?): Resonance version of Gold Smash[22]
  • Reception (受付レセプション Resepushon?): An ability exclusive only to the Twin Star Exorcists, it allows Rokuro and Benio to hear the voices of the impurities.

Abe no Seimei Form

Rokuro's Abe no Seimei Form

Rokuro has, at two points, briefly become a manifestation of Abe no Seimei after seeing a brief vision of an apparently young child, implied to be the Miko, who "has finally reached him." When Rokuro first used the form, it was during his fight with Yuto and it healed the hole he received in his stomach and gave him the strength to fight and overwhelm Yuto both in his regular form and Kegare form. The second time he uses it is during Sayo's Divination Ceremony, Rokuro's Spirit Guardian is shown to be somehow related to Abe No Seimei as it summoned all of the guardians and caused them to all bow before him, something Shimon Ikaruga stated he had never heard of.


Because Arima Tsuchimikado sealed off his powers with a spell, Rokuro had to change his way of fighting. After Arimori Tsuchimikado had used a spell to undo some of the seal, Rokuro is now able to use some of his old powers permitting him to use Shikigami which he needed for future fights. It proved to be extremely powerful as it helped him defeat Kankuro Mitosaka the current third strongest of the Heavenly Commanders. This even earned him praise from the other exorcists who saw why he was picked as one of the Twin Stars. It is shown after the four year timeskip, Rokuro can utilize his Shikigami in conjunction with his Kegare arm, by coating his other arm.

Flaming Ohagi Man

  • Flaming Ohagi Man (焼きおはぎマン Yaki Ohagi-Man?): Having been taught by Arimori about how to use a Shikigami, Rokuro has managed to create his very own which he used for Exorcist Games. When Arimori told Rokuro to picture his shikigami after something in his memories, he recalled when Benio showed him her drawing of a creature made of Ohagi. At first glance, it didn't seem impressive until Rokuro activated it and disperse large amounts of power.[23]

Twin Buster Flamberge

  • Twin Buster Flamberge (双天破神焔魔炎撃拳ツインバスターフランベルジェ Tsuin Basutā Furanberuje?): When activating Flame Demon, Blaze Attack (焔魔炎撃 Enma Engeki?), the flames coating Ohagi Man surge, and Rokuro enchants his gauntlets with the power covering them and half of his face in armor. It was likely a homage to his Kegare arm. Rokuro first used in his fight with Kankuro Mitosaka at the Exorcist Games.[24]
    • Star Damned (星方獄炎焦殺スターダムド Sutā Damudo?): It was first seen in Rokuro's fight with Kankuro Mitosaka. The spell allows Rokuro to propel himself with great speed and sends his opponents flying even powerful opponents like a member of the Twelve Guardians. Once used, it leaves flames resembling that of dragons behind in its wake. [25]
    • Gold Smash Incendio (金烏天衝炎滅魔焦弾ゴルトスマッシュ・インセンディオ Goruto Sumasshu Insendio?): After using Star Damned and going above his opponents in the air, Rokuro can fire a powerful blast at his target sending them crashing to ground.[26]

Enhanced Enchanted Power: As noted by Kengo Ujii, the Shikigami's level of power was incredibly high and said to be even comparable to Tenma Unomiya who is the strongest of the Twelve Guardians. Kengo took no chance and told the Exorcists at the games to increase the power of the barriers surrounding the arena.[27]

Kegare Rage Mode

Kegare Mode Rokuro

Has red full eyes, purple aura like that has sharper teeth and a seiman appearing in his upper body.

Cataclysm King

When Rokuro turns into the Cataclysm King (破星王 Hajō-ō?, lit. "Destroyer Star King"), he gets a very tall giant body of flames. It has the ability to release waves to absorb the spell power only from humans with weak spell power, turning them into stone as a result.

Mikage Tsuchimikado said that the Cataclysm King purpose is to cleanse the world by absorbing the spell power of humans with weak spell power. The spell power will be accumulated and use to restore the body of Abe no Seimei. This ritual is called the Grand Cleansing Ritual.


Benio Adashino

Rokuro and Benio are destined to marry and give birth to the strongest exorcist, the Miko. At first, he is against this. But after they were forced to live together in order to become closer and accept their given name as the Twin Star Exorcists, he still refuses to accept marrying her. Benio seems to be in love with him even though he was totally oblivious to it. Rokuro has strong feelings to protect her even if it means it would cost him his life. Benio is also seen to show the same feelings. When she lost her legs in an intense battle against Yuto, she felt very helpless looking at Rokuro fighting and losing which made her resolve to agree to the eleventh Basara Kamui's offer to give her the legs of an Impurity so she can fight again together with Rokuro.

On their first night out, Rokuro gifts two bellflower shaped accessories to Benio as a token of friendship, although the manga and anime heavily imply they are more than friends. Rokuro in the later chapters seems to get embarrassed easily by seeing Benio smile showing signs of attraction. He has also bathed together with Benio as a "challenge", although he passes out from a nosebleed and shock as Benio faints from embarrassment while washing his back. You could easily say their relationship is definitely more than simplistic friends, as they live together (at the forcing of Arima), have bathed together and respect each other as formidable exorcists.

In chapter 33, he and Benio shared their first kiss after he made her new hairpins. He was shocked by her kissing him even more so by her reason, which was to prevent him from going after another girl. He parted from her promising to see her again. It seems after this he became aware of her feelings for him since he noticed how shy and bashful she was.

In chapter 72, at a perfect time, Rokuro is reunited with Benio in the middle of repelling impurities in Magano where they firmly express their feelings. After celebrating victory of survival, Benio shares Rokuro's sympathy for Yuto's unmarked tombstone. Afterwards, Benio reveals her "Great Yin" transformation to Rokuro, who, surprises Benio of her beauty. Despite knowing the consequences and his predestine awakening as the "Great Yang", Rokuro vouches his undying love for Benio. He proves his oath as he finally proposes to her during one of their missions four years later.

After he prevents his awakening as Yang, he asks her to go through with the wedding. She accepted and the two are now a married couple.

In the anime, you could easily say that Rokuro has feelings for Benio because he blushes when he sees Benio smile from the bottom of her heart. He later kisses Benio [28] and accepts their engagement.[29]

Mayura Otomi

She is Rokuro's childhood friend, they get along very well though Rokuro is put off by her unusual habit of saying strange expression and insults. She is in love with Rokuro, but he is oblivious to it. Rokuro seems to care about her, but only because she was there when he wanted someone to be with him during bad times, such as the Hiinatsuki Dormitory Incident, and helped him get back up. She is very worried at first about Rokuro being an exorcist again but soon accepts it. She also seems to accept Benio's and Rokuro's relationship and them both staying in the same house.

In later chapters when she sees Rokuro and Benio together always fighting and becoming stronger she feels left behind hopelessly and starts training with Rokuro and Benio in their house on weekends and saying that she won't let Rokuro and Benio have, as she coins often, "illicit sexual relationships". Determined not to get left behind by the Sousei and saddened by her "low resolve", she becomes one of the Twelve Heavenly Commanders while fighting a Basara, seemingly "inheriting" her father's post.

Four years later, Rokuro and Mayura are still close friends. However, it is shown she still has feelings for even after years of supporting Rokuro and Benio, as she got jealous of Suzu flirting with Rokuro. He has never learned her affection always being oblivious, much to the annoyance of others around him.

Seigen Amawaka

An ex-Heavenly Commander who is also Rokuro and Ryougo's exorcist mentor. Rokuro's relationship with Seigen is that of an "idiot disciple" and a teacher. Rokuro (and Ryougo) are seemingly abused by him during his 'teaching methods' and treats them like helpless kids who don't know the cruelty of the world.

His teacher-student relationship with Rokuro becomes rocky as he interrupts (read: saves) the Sousei from being defeated by a strong Kegare, hearing Rokuro's "pretty words" and challenging him to a fight to show his power to back them up. Rokuro loses easily and his black charm is ripped to shreds. Later, Seigen gifts an evolved version of the black talisman to Rokuro after a series of events with Yuto involved him losing an arm. Their relationship improves steadily after that.

Seigen was later shocked to witness Rokuro's transformation and learns that Benio knew but hid it to protect Rokuro though he resolved to tell anyway since no good would come without telling anyone.

During his fight with Kankuro Mitosaka, Rokuro realized if he defeated him then he would of surpassed his old teacher and challenged Kankuro to go all out. After he accomplished his task, he was pleased to see that he surpassed his mentor.

Shimon Ikaruga

One of the Heavenly Commander who hated Rokuro at first after encountering him at the Magano with Benio but he does acknowledge his power after fought several impurities by himself. The reason he hated Rokuro was, in fact, somewhat due to the jealously of him getting the attention of Seigen, and later made Seigen heavily wounded protecting him.

When he witnessed Rokuro's transformation, he was amazed by its power especially after it made Sayo's Kuzunoha guardians bow which was a feat he never witnessed.[30] Shimon later bore witness to Rokuro's battle against Kankuro Mitosaka and was surprised by his rapid development since their last fight.[31]

His relationship with Rokuro is of comrade as the manga slowly starts. He develops respect for Rokuro when he came to his aid after the Basara who wants to kill Sayo for power. After both saving Sayo and defeating the two Basara with him, Shimon kneeled down to Rokuro thanking and saying, that he is honored to have been able to fight alongside as a comrade.

Sayo Ikaruga

She has a huge crush on Rokuro. She snuck into his bed while he was sleeping twice. Rokuro was annoyed by her persistent behavior but went along with it. Rokuro only criticized her, when she insulted Benio.

After the two -year time skip, Rokuro praises Sayo for her ability to use Kuzunoha more effectively during a joint mission. Sayo is still fond of him, even wanting him to join the Ikaruga House.

Even as a teenager, Sayo still has interest in Rokuro and tried to halt his engagement with Benio. Rokuro was annoyed by her repeated advances but amazed at her being an Exorcist. After a mission, Sayo accepts that she can’t take him and begrudgingly accepts his standing with Benio. Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content

Shizuru Ioroi

Initially, she was hostile towards Rokuro simply because he was an exorcist from the mainland. She disregarded his title as a Twin Star and looked down on him when he was unable to anything in Magano. However, she was shocked when Rokuro saved her from being attacked by a Kegare despite her previous treatment towards him. Shizuru was left blushing at the thought of being saved by a mainland Exorcist unable to process the experience. She later caught a glimpse of him at the Seiyouin Academy, hiding and blushing at seeing Rokuro again.

He cheered her on at the games, even calling her by her real name.

While Shizuru still looked down on his strength, she saw his true power as she watched him overwhelm Kankuro Mitosaka. This caused her to take back her previous views of him and understand her father's treatment to him, which is seen with her cheering him on in the remainder of his battle as well as being amazed by his skill and tenacity.[32]She then witnessed Rokuro emerged victorious, greatly impressing her as she saw he really was powerful.[33]

A running gag, is that Rokuro continuously forgets her name resulting in her correcting him each time. Shizuru herself suspected that was intended, but quickly turned the assumption down. [34]

After the games, they meet again with Shizuru no longer viewing him as a weakling since she saw his real power and have more respect towards him. Her affections remain, as she still blushes around him.

Her older brothers tried to help her with her feelings by asking Rokuro to invite her to have a meal. Rokuro agreed without hestitation, without being aware of that would be a date. Shizuru then threatened Rokuro to show up and he got afraid as he agreed. [35]

Four years later, the pair are now good friends and hang out with each other.

Arimori Tsuchimikado

Rokuro first encountered Arimori at the Seiyouin Exorcist Academy, he bumped into him by accident and was shocked to learn from Kinako that he was the son of Arima Tsuchimikado.

In response, Arimori stated Rokuro was the worst kind of person after he insulted his father. Later on, Arimori arrived at Rokuro's home and stated he was going to live there but when will help him get more members as well aid in Rokuro's training for the Exorcists games in exchange for him becoming his servant. Rokuro bluntly denies him to Arimori's shock and when Kinako mentions that Arimori could tell his father this causes the latter to threaten him but Rokuro hits him on the head. Arimori cries as that was the first time someone struck him and while eating candy he promises to make Rokuro pay. Rokuro is forced to make up to Arimori by begrudgingly following the boy's orders over the next few days. However, when Arima showed up and insulted him in order to push Arimori away from him, which make Rokuro defend for him. He later swear loyalty to Rokuro and become his first courtier. When Kinako hinted that Arimori joined Rokuro to make Arima pay attention to him, asks if that is true as Arimori blushes and sweats confirming the answer. Rokuro says he may have to reconsider his decision as Arimori clearly has father issues but the latter denies this.[36]

Overall, the two get along fine even developing a brotherly relationship, and Arimori also act as a consultant to Rokuro. Arimori kept his promise of recruiting others and training both which helped him. During Rokuro's fight against Kankuro Mitosaka, Arimori cheered Rokuro on as he overwhelmed and soon defeated the third strongest exorcist. After the match, he cried tears of joy as he hugged Rokuro calling his actions cool. Four years later, Arimori still maintains a good relationship with Rokuro as the new head of Exorcists.[37][38]


  • Rokuro's surname Enmado means "flame, blaze" (焔) (en), "witch, demon, devil, evil spirit" (魔) (ma) and "hall" (堂) (do), which literally means "demon hall" altogether.


  • Rokuro's Enchanted Gear is similar to Kamen Rider Double's Fang Memory because of their past slaughter as well as their animalistic look/behavior. It also bears similarity to the mutation of Piers Nivans from Resident Evil 6, since both manage to retain their minds while regenerated a mutant arm.
  • There are at least six girls who have a crush on Rokuro:
    1. Benio Adashino
    2. Mayura Otomi
    3. Sayo Ikaruga
    4. Shizuru Ioroi
    5. The Hinatsuki Dormitory's girls Ami Nagose and Hikari Mikitoji
      • However, he himself is not aware of all the girl's feelings (with the exception of Benio).
  • According to the manga, Rokuro hates curry due to Benio making curry for 20 consecutive days.
  • In chapter 106, Rokuro is revealed to have been called Yoshihira previously in Outcast Valley as a child before being taken to Hiinatsuki Dormitory.



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