"Sae" (さえ?) is a young girl in the Twin Star Exorcists anime series. She is actually a branch of Ame-no-mihashira that was broken off and later adopted by the twin stars.[1]


She has red eyes like Rokuro and wears a purple beret with a strawberry on it, a purple uniform, a pink necktie with two white hearts, and pink shoes. She has turquoise hair.


She is smart but still shows a childish side. She seems to have memory loss since she cannot remember anything from before they found her.

She is very enthusiastic towards Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino and shows great affection towards them. She refers to Rokuro as "Papa" but Benio as "Benio", but later on she does call Benio "Mama" in her Ohagi Man story.[2]

She loves ohagi as Benio introduced it to Sae with her story Ohagi Man.


When Rokuro Enmado follows a light to the top of a tower in Magano, he finds a young girl riding a panda. Rokuro and the others bring her to Seika Dormitory. There, while they watch TV, the girl begins repeating the various broadcasts. The group introduce themselves and ask her name, but she does not answer, so Rokuro names her "Sae" and decides that she can live with him and Benio Adashino.[3] She travels with the Twin Stars to be safe as she's being targeted by the Basara for her 'special scent'.

She is revealed to be one of the branches of Ame-no-mihashira that Kuranashi broke off.[1]

She remembers what she was and returns as a branch, leaving behind her installation to ohagi man.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Strong Exorcist Powers: She is able to survive an unknown amount of time in Magano.[3]

Incredible Memory: Despite not speaking when found, she can repeat various broadcasts after seeing them only once and read through multiple encyclopedias.[3]

Strong Deflecting Power: It was shown that Sae could deflect the powerful web attack by the twin Basara named Momochi and Chijiwa, in so doing, it was proven that Sae-Chan possesses monstrous levels of spell power.[4] She also created an offensive-defensive shield during the heat of a battle against Kinasa. As a result, Kinasa was quite shocked when he saw it; surrounded by vines and thorns that are gem-like pink.[5]


"I love Benio's.... no, Mama's kind smile!"



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