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Sakanashi (無悪さかなし?) is a Basara and the de facto leader of the Basara.


Sakanashi has long silver-gray straight hair reaching past his neck with bangs covering the rightside of his face and an earring on his left ear. Sakanashi is tall as an adult and wears traditional Japanese clothing. His kuji-kiri mark is revealed to be on his chest.

Upon losing against Arima Tsuchimikado , Sakanashi lost the Soul of Yang and turned into a small child. He wears a small Yukata now and retains his hair colour.


Cold and calculating with a presence to command attention of his enemies and the cooperation of Basara and impurities alike, Sakanashi through his lifetime is imposing.


Sakanashi was first seen plotting in Magano with Yuzuriha during the plan for the invsion of Tsuchimikado Island. He had rallied up the Basaras to fight against the exorcists and slowly reach depth 2013 and get past the Great Tori barrier protecting the island.

He appeared in battle against Arima at depth 2007. The head exorcist had just finished killing Shiromi, when Sakanashi appeared. They both argue with each other and Sakanashi reveals his ploy to use Arimori as bait for the real head exorcist to have come to this depth so that he could induce a sense of doom and despair by killing the head exorcist personally. Upon mortally wounding Arima, he then proceeds to proceed further with his plans.

Arima then returns from the brink of death, and uses the Forbidden Impurity corruption curse, thus turning into another Basara level impurity himself. As both forces clash, Sakanashi is seemingly destroyed by the explosion caused by Arima's purification spell.

His head is later cradled by Yuzuriha as she has a one way conversation with the severed head.

Sakanashi is later revealed to have been there on the night of the Hiinatsuki Tragedy, in Magano, interested in a human exorcist who wishes to gain the power of Yin. He gives a fragment of the Great Yang which he posseessed to Yuuto which allows yuuto to gain immense power.

It is revealed that Sakanashi had not died in the battle against the Head Exorcist, but simply lost possession of the soul of Yang , and thus transformed into a child but still alive and leading the basara group. He leads a second invasion on the island, destroying thousands of building and killing people with the assistance of the other Basara, who had escaped from outcast valley. Upon achieving his goal and retrieving Benio and the Great Yin, he escapes back into Magano.

Other than Chinu no one knows of Sakanashi's origin, and he was involved in the battle against the first Great Yang incarnation, which caused the death of the Great Yang, His abilities allowed him to break the barrier sealing the Great Yang's soul, and take it for himself. He had earlier come to outcast valley in his child form so as to recruit more basara for his cause, to invade and retrieve the Great Yin.

Power and Abilities

As the second Basara, Sakanashi is a strong and powerful impurity. He leads a group of Basaras and other impurities to fulfill his ambitions. Unlike Chinu, who only kills impurities for spell power, like any other Basara, Sakanashi has no qualms killing humans or impurities for power, making him the strongest of all the current Basara. Full testament to his abilities is how he was able to fight on equal grounds against Arima Tsuchimikado, managing to eventually kill the Head Exorcist.

  • Kokugyoku Jurai (黒極呪儡 Kokugyoku Jurai?, lit. Pitch Black Curse Puppet): Sakanashi's Impure Death Equip. [3]
  • Unchain (陰陽消滅アンチェイン Anchein?, lit. Yin-Yang Annihilation): [4]
  • Taiho Rokaku Unshu Kijin Kanromon (大宝楼閣雲集鬼神甘露門 Taihō Rōkaku Unshū Kijin Kanromon?, lit. Swarm of the Fierce Gods Through Ambrosia Gate of the Grand Treasure Palace): [5]
  • Hajigokukai Inko Issaimo Kanromon (破地獄開咽喉一切蒙甘露門 Hajigokukai Inkō Issaimō Kanromon?): [6]
  • Muryo Itoku Jizai Komyo Kanromon (無量威徳自在光明甘露門 Muryō Itoku Jizai Kōmyō Kanromon?): [7]


  • Sakanashi's role in the manga is similar to the role of Kuranashi in the anime, an anime-only character, who seems to have the same power and status as Sakanashi.
  • As the second oldest Basara in the series, it is likely that Sakanashi has two golden eyes yet this isn't seen for some reason.


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