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Sakura Sada (蹉跎さだ さくら Sada Sakura?) is an exorcist and Rikugō (六合 Cosmos?) of the Twelve Guardians.


Sakura has long chestnut hair tied with a pink bow near the end and is topped with a big, white, and green hat. Her outfit consists a long, black, and green slit dress. The slit cuts up to her hips which reveals a huge amount of her thighs and below. Her dress covers her neck. On her hips she wears a belt that has four white balls, two on each side. She wears a spiked bracelet on both wrists with black gloves, as well as a pair of pink shoes and circular glasses. Like her father, she wears big round glasses. Her breast is of H cup. In the manga, her hair is braided.


Sakura's loud-mouth attitude was inherited from her father.

In the anime, she has great pride above the decisions she chooses, she tells exorcists the truth of being an exorcist which is cruel but during battle she can also be careless as seen when she carelessly charged nonchalantly at Moro when she learned that she was her Father's killer. She speaks very loud and thinks of Impurities as trash. If she knows that Rokuro Enmado is an Impurity, she might even get terrified.



Sakura Sada

She can be briefly seen while the Twelve Guardians assembles. She showed up with Miku Zeze telling Rokuro and Benio the cruel reality of being an exorcists while she turned on the electricity of the amusement park to distract Leon the almost Basara faced lion and exorcise him.

She later participated in the Heavenly Blue Earth Ritual in hopes of permanently closing the Dragon Spots, being the one to protect Miku Zeze who will be one of the Guardians to channel the spell. But unfortunately, Sakura and the others were trapped when Kuranashi turned the Spell Ritual against them and was only freed when Sae returned to the Ama No Mihashira.[1]

She is present when Mikage Tsuchimikado announced that he will be the acting Head Exorcists while Arima is missing and was later seen participating in finding Arima like the other Heavenly Commanders.


Sakura is seen with Subaru Mitejima taking over Mayura's job dealing the impurities.

Powers and Abilities

Sakura's Scythe

She is powerful and skilled enough to be one of the 12 Guardians. She excels in physical combat.


  • Rikka Gogoku (六華合獄 Rikka Gōgoku?): [2]
    • Sada Tekken Seisai-ryu (Maruhi) Chosatsu Ogi: Bakugyaku Oda Jigoku Gokuraku Hyakuman'oku-retsu Ken (蹉跎鉄拳制裁流㊙️超殺奥義・爆逆桜打地獄極楽百万億烈拳 Sada Tekken Seisai-ryū (Maruhi) Chōsatsu Ōgi: Bakugyaku Ōda Jigoku Gokuraku Hyakuman'oku-retsu Ken?, lit. "Sada Iron Fist Strike Style (Secret) Super Kill Hidden Technique: Explosive Reversal Sakura Strike Hell Paradise Quadrillion Fists"): [3]
    • Rikka Gogoku Mystic Gear (六華合獄 纏神呪 Rikka Gōgoku Matoi Kajiri?): [4]
      • Sada Tekken Seisai-ryu (Marukatsu) Messatsu Ogi: Banka Ryoran Chimidoro Zanmai Kyaku (蹉跎鉄拳制裁流 (勝) 滅殺奥義・万嘩繚乱血深泥三昧脚 Sada Tekken Seisai-ryū (Marukatsu) Messatsu Ōgi: Banka Ryōran Chimidoro Zanmai Kyaku?, lit. "Sada Iron Fist Strike Style (Absolute Victory) Obliteration Hidden Technique: Blossoming Dissonance Blood-stained Kick"): [5]
      • Sada Tekken Seisai-ryu (Marutoku) Gosatsu Ogi: Gyoten Suiryu Dohatsu Gekirinsho (蹉跎鉄拳制裁流🉐轟殺奥義・仰天水龍怒髪逆鱗掌 Sada Tekken Seisai-ryū (Marutoku) Gōsatsu Ōgi: Gyoten Suiryū Dohatsu Gekirinshō?, lit. "Sada Iron Fist Strike Style (Special) Roaring Killer Hidden Technique: Astonishing Water Dragon Furious Reverse Scale Palm"): [6]


Her main weapon is a Scythe which she uses in great skill and speed. She also seems to have the ability to shoot an arrow shaped beam which she used against Leon.


Miku Zeze

Sakura admired Miku very much as she was eager to let Miku see her performance of the battle versus Shizuru Ioroi. She also joked to Miku about Miku might be jealous of her breast.

In anime Miku is revealed to be a friend of her father (which was also true in manga), and after her father's death she came to Miku saying she will avenge him to which Miku agreed but with two conditions that they will do it together and Sakura needs to do something about her loud mouth talking.

Tsubaki Sada

He is Sakura's father, who was killed by the powerful Basara Gabura, many years before the start of the series. His dying words to Miku was to entrust Sakura to her

In the anime, she calls him "Honorable Father" and swore vengeance against Moro for killing him.


  • The name Sakura means "cherry blossom" (桜).
    • It can also mean "blossom" (咲) (saku) and "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra).


  • According to Narumi Ioroi's opinion, In terms of order in strength, Sakura is ranked 7th (Rank 8th if you include Seigen Amawaka who is already retired).


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