Sayo Ikaruga (斑鳩 小夜 Ikaruga Sayo?) is the daughter of Ikaruga Main Family, and the host of Kuzunoha - the mother of Abe no Seimei.


Sayo's Tattoos

Sayo is a petite girl with an average height. She has shoulder-length, dark, red hair. She has tattoos on her body to seal her immense power.


She is very caring towards others and acts flirty around Rokuro. Due to being a child, she is able to openly shows her affections whereas the other girls who have crushes on him are unable to show it.

She even offers to give her own life for others such as when she was kidnapped. Since she was confined in her house for most of her life, she shows interest in the outside world.


Arima Tsuchimikado sends Sayo with Shimon Ikaruga to act as the proctor for Rokuro Enmado. Two years ago, she was told that she would meet Rokuro and that her love for him would develop.

Upon arrival, she sneaks into a sleeping Rokuro's bed and he wakes up running out of his room to meet Benio and Mayura (who walked in on a naked Shimon). When Benio and Mayura see Sayo, they seize Rokuro by the neck and his face thinking he did something to her but Sayo saved him and admonish the two for their treatment towards him, to their shock. Shimon introduces Sayo to the others and tells them of her status as the test proctor and cousin. Sayo makes Rokuro go shopping with her. They are observed by a jealous Mayura and Benio who see that Rokuro was right about her flirtations but soon learn hardships from the accompanying Shimon and how she sees Rokuro as a savior for indirectly saving her.

When one of Sayo's flirtations go too far, Benio steps in and Sayo insults her by bringing up her proud lineage compared to Benio's which contains her traitorous brother Yuto Ijika. This causes Rokuro to get angry and harshly reprimand her for her words as Shimon appears and tells Sayo she deserved that as she runs off in tears. Sayo runs to the park where she cries thinking Rokuro hates her before Benio appears and Sayo apologizes as Sayo asks how she feels about Rokuro and sees the latter has feelings for him as well before stating she has to be more open to him as she couldn't lose to her. Rokuro arrives questioning the mood as Sayo decides to begin their test that night, much to their excitement. Afterwards she unleashes Kuzunoha and brings out Rokuro's guardian, which causes all Sayo's guardians to bow down. She is rendered unconscious as a result of her usage of her power and Shimon carries her to bed so she could recuperate. Upon awakening, she sneaks back into an unconscious Rokuro's room holding him before falling asleep. Rokuro awakens and tells her to stop that habit as Benio arrives an admonishes Sayo for it as well. Sayo then gives her judgment calling it a "shame" as he was destined for endless battles as she deems him worthy of going to Tsuchimikado Island.

She gets abducted and is severely injured by the Basara. She unleashes Kuzunoha in Magano to summon Benio Adashino's guardian spirit, which turns out to be Kuzunoha's enemy, Ashiya Doman. However, she is rescued by the latter and leaves the mainland stating that she would wait for Rokuro.

Powers and Abilities

Her guardian spirits are Kuzunoha, the mother of Abe no Seimei, and her 48 retainers.[1] To use her power she has to be naked and perform nude kagura dance.


Shimon Ikaruga

She is the younger cousin of Shimon Ikaruga. He is extremely protective over her to keep her from using her immense power too much.

Rokuro Enmado

She has a huge crush on Rokuro seeing him as her "prince charming who rescued her from the tower," due to being confined in her household under exorcists' law of protection. Sayo snuck into his bed while he was sleeping twice.[2] When visiting the Ikaruga House, Sayo immediately invites Rokuro to her bedroom, though he declines.



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