Seigen Amawaka (天若あまわか清弦せいげん Amawaka Seigen?) is an exorcist and former Byakko (白虎 "White Tiger"?) of the Twelve Guardians. He is also the father of Mayura Otomi and the husband (after remarrying) of Yukari Otomi. He also mentored Shimon Ikaruga, Rokuro Enmado and Yuuto Ijika.

Currently he resides in Mainland and lived with his wife Yukari. He also tutors exorcists of Seika Dormitory in his harsh style. Despite his right arm lost and no longer being a Guardian, he is currently the strongest exorcist in Mainland.[2]


He is always seen wearing a suit. He has black long hair with a streak of yellow ahoge and rather dead black eyes along with eye bags under them. Seigen appears younger than he actually is, as the exorcists of mainland are surprised at him being Mayura's father. After fighting with Yuuto, he lost his right arm.


He is shown to dislike lack of manners. He is quite ruthless in his own ways of training his disciples and he lacks paternal feelings. He speaks and behaves in a monotonous way also never shows his own feelings, but he is very honest no matter with who he talks and what situation he is in. He is fearless in front of his opponents but careful and isn't one to back down at any cost.

Seigen is ultimately someone with a cold exterior but a warm interior. He seldom lets emotion show on his face. He maintains this cold demeanor towards not only acquaintances like his father-in-law but also towards his disciples, Rokuro and Ryougo, and even towards his daughter Mayura. He is highly respected by exorcists and his allies for his caring nature and protective actions.

Although he asks Mayura to stop calling him her father, since he is never around, Mayura stated that she understands his decision to leave, for the safety of Mayura and her mother. It was even hinted by her that he likes being called her father though he reacted angrily, most likely out of pride. Furthermore, he expresses concern for Rokuro often, though he does not readily display it. He is known to have been disapproving of children getting involved in fighting impurities, and many view him as an exemplary exorcist. Notable examples include Shimon Ikaruga, who appears to idolize him, and Arima, who bowed to him to thank him for his long service as a Guardian.


Seigen was born and raised on Tsuchimikado Island, he was part of a group called, "Ritsu" and it was made up of Seigen's family, the Amawaka House. His group excelled in the arts of killing people rather than impurities. Their job was to kill those who caused disturbances to their island. Most of the targets they had to kill were exorcists that caught the curse of "Jugon Monoimi". This curse had spread in Tsuchimikado Island at the time and Seigen's own mother was executed by his father for being cursed with the Chikura's Jugon Monoimi years ago. Those who were affected by the Jugon Monoimi would fall under the influence of the Yin Aura, they will lose self-control and attack people.

When he was 16, his grandfather Kogen, the former Byakko passed away, and both Kogen and the White Tiger disapproved Seigen's father Shigen to be the next guardian. Seigen accidentally made the Reifu of Byakko react, and the Amawaka House decided to let him succeed officially for the sake of piety.

At the age of 21, Seigen was given another mission where he had to execute Satoshi Otomi, the brother of his ex-wife, Yukari Otomi. Later Yukari decided to smuggle to the Tsuchimikado Island and find about the truth. The two later fall in love, and Seigen fought his father in order to protect Yukari. During the fight, Seigen finally awakened the power of White Tiger. Out of jealousy of Seigen being chosen by Byakko and furious to Seigen's own idealism, his father killed himself using Seigen's claws and attempt to blacken Seigen's name.

Roughly about 28 years ago, he had been relatively close with Arima Tsuchimikado, Arata Inanaki and Narumi Ioroi in their schooling times. Arata and Narumi cared about him from time to time, while Seigen refuse to call them "friends" in public.


Powers and Abilities

As a former guardian, Seigen was well known as the one of the strongest exorcists. After his fight with Yuto, he has lost some of full strength but retains enough to easily defeat Rokuro in a sparring match.

Enchanted Gears: Being an Exorcist, Seigen is able to use Enchanted Gears to help him combat Impurities when fighting in Magano.

  • Rekku Madan (裂空魔弾 Rekkū Madan?, lit. "Void-rending Magic Bullet"): As Rokuro's mentor, Seigen is capable of using the same technique as him. He places charms on rocks and put his spell power, then fires them using his thumb with high speed like a bullet that capable to blast away some hills and grounds. Benio described the power to be on a whole different level than Rokuro's.
  • Kokuren Shuko (黒煉手甲 Kokuren Shukō?, lit. "Forged Black Gauntlets"): A common skill among Amawaka House, imitating the White Lotus, Tiger Arms, Seigen use it when not fully awakened or without the power of White Tiger.
  • Hyakka Tsuiso (百禍追葬 Hyakka Tsuisō?, lit. "100 Evil Burial"): With tags at each point and a sixth in the center, a giant Wu Xing is formed that reinforces the barrier between the real world and Magano.[3]

Seigen using the Byakuren Koho

Byakuren Koho (白蓮虎砲 Byakuren Kohō?, lit. "White Lotus Tiger Cannon"): After enchanting his glove with the Beast Claw Master Talisman (獣装顕符 Jūsōgenpu?), it becomes a huge rocky white claw. With this Seigen is capable to cut his opponent without even moving a single inch. After he loses his right arm during his fight with Yuto, he is no longer capable of using the White Tiger and later passes on the charm to his daughter, Mayura as his successor. Unlike other Byakko who utilize the enchantment by enchanting both arms with claws, Seigen particularly uses only one claw.

Yuzuru recalled Seigen using Koku Kurikara

  • Koku Kurikara (虚空 倶利伽羅 Kokū Kurikara?, lit. "Void - Kurikara"): Seigen's one hit kill move, using the power of White Tiger.
  • Byakuren Koho Mystic Spell Equip (白蓮虎砲 纏神呪 Byakuren Kohō Matoi Kajiri?): With Byakko Clear Mirror Charm (白虎明鏡符 Byakko Meikyō-fu?) Seigen releases the power of Byakko which grants him tremendous strength and speed. His entire body is covered by the White Tiger Enchanted Gear and his hair is let loose. During this form he can destroy Yuto's Rekko Hadan in an instant but he is still able to defeat him.


  • In anime Episode 20, Seigen can be seen resting on a rooftop similar to Kuroko No Basuke's Aomine Daiki, coincidentally both of them share the same voice actor.
  • In the Chinese zodiac, there are twelve animals and five elements for every animal. Seigen could be an earth tiger which is the reason why his Byakuren Kohou has a rock like appearance.
  • After his retirement from Twelve Guardians, he lives with Yukari and Mayura as a family again.
    • It was speculated he and Yukari have gotten remarried.


  • There should be no secret between husband and wife.



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