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Shikigami (式神?) are the spiritual familiars of the Exorcists.


Shikigami come in a variety of forms, usually based on animals. They all have the Seiman inscribed somewhere on their bodies.

Powers and Abilities

Shikigami are created by Exorcists purely based on their imagination and spell power, as stated by Arimori Tsuchimikado that the specific characteristics of a Shikigami depends on what the exorcist in question sees a Shikigami as: a servant to serve, fight and protect them; a companion to assist and boost their powers or simply a literal tool to be easily disposed of and used at will by them.

This perception in turn determines the unique powers, abilities and qualities each Shikigami possess.

Known Shikigami

Byakko Square.png NoImage.png Dark Broom Square.png Flaming Ohagi Man Square.png NoImage.png
Byakko Daion Dark Broom Flaming Ohagi Man Genbu
Kijin Square.png Kinako Square.png NoImage.png Kokufu Square.png Mikage.png
Kijin Kinako Kochin Kokufu Mikage Tsuchimikado
Nekokurage Square.png Pochi & Tama Square.png Purirism Square.png Raika Square.png NoImage.png
Nekokurage Pochi & Tama Purirism Raika Rikugo
Sarutahiko Square.png Seiryu Square.png NoImage.png NoImage.png Tatara Square.png
Sarutahiko Seiryu Suzaku Taijo Tatara
(Anime Only)
NoImage.png NoImage.png NoImage.png
Tenko Tenku Toda