Shioji (四皇子) is the eighth Basara.


Shioji has an androgynous appearance, his height similar to an average junior high school student. He has light blue hair in a bobcut and wears a top hat sporting a feather. Shioji wears a custom made private school uniform and has two masked impurity servants by his side. As is common with Basara, Shioji has one golden eye and one mismatched with a dark sclera, a cracklike scar running from it to the other side of his face.


Shioji appears to have a cold demeanour as he has shown little regard to ending human lives and using reanimated bodies to achieve his own goals. He also speaks in the third person as a narrator in a story when thinking aloud or interacting with others.


Powers & Abilities

Shioji's main ability seems to be the power to animate,corrupt and control corpses, seeing as he killed scores of Exorcists to reanimate their dead bodies as his personal army to attack in mass.

  • Gedo Meiru (外導冥褄 Gedō Meiru?, lit. External Conductor, Dark Rags): Shioji’s Impure Death Equip. [1]
  • Gego Itto (外護一燈 Gego Ittō?, lit. External Defender, Single Light): [2]


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