Shiromi (銀鏡) is a Basara (ranked "Fifth").


Shiromi has the height of an average human, with long hair white in the left half and black in the right. He wears a white tailcoat jacket suit that comes with a white cravat tie and blue rose on top. His suit is opened up and also comes with black long sleeve dress shirt and a black hakama. He also wears an black top hat that has stitched two eyes and a mouth.


Like most of Basara, Shiromi has shown to have no mercy towards humans. He, however, gets along with Hijirimaru and appears to see him as a comrade, although he never admits if in front of Hijirimaru himself. This has been proven by the fact that he held a grudge against Rokuro for killing Hijirimaru. Furthermore, he seemed to be somehow jealous of Higano after realizing the latter seemed to be close to Hijirimaru. He was shown to be unable to understand the way he felt about losing Hijirimaru and realizing he was used as a bait by Sakanashi.


Powers and Abilities

As the Fifth Basara, Shiromi is a strong and powerful impurity. Proof of his abilities is that Rokuro and his team were incapable of defeating him and he would have defeat them if it weren't for Arima Tsuchimikado interference.

  • Mara Tori (魔螺刀罹 Mara Tōri?, lit. Intangible Reff): Shiromi's Impure Death Equip. It transform his body lower half into a octopus-like limbs that can be stretched and hardened at will. [1]


  • The most noticeable trait in his speech is his tendency to stutter.


  • "The Basara you murdered... Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Hijirimaru... was my former comrade in arms...!!"'
    Shiromi, to Rokuro about Hijirimaru
  • "The only r-r-r-r-reason you've survived for this long... is because of the fact that you're one of the Twin Stars Exorcists!!"'
    Shiromi, to Rokuro
  • "F-F-F-F-Fade into obscurity as a forgettable nobody!!!!"'
    Shiromi, to Rokuro


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