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Shizuru Ioroi (五百蔵いおろい づる Ioroi Shizuru?) is an exorcist of Ioroi Main Family. She is the second daughter and fourth child of Narumi Ioroi and Tamami Ioroi. After the death of her father and older brothers, Shizuru became the head of the Ioroi House and the new Kōchin (勾陳?) of the Twelve Guardians.


Shizuru is a dark-skinned teenage girl of above average height with knee-length blonde hair tied in two twin tails by two green/rose balls on each side with bangs swept to the left side, violet eyes, a scar across the right side of her face and she is quite well-endowed as she possess D-cup breast size.

When on missions, Shizuru usually wears a standard exorcist uniform. While attending Seiyouin Academy, she wears the standard uniform which is complete with a skirt with the Ioroi House crest. For casual clothing, she wears a black shirt with tan shorts. She also like to wear T-shirts with encouraging words like "Guts" and jeans.


Shizuru has a tomboyish personality as seen when she referred to herself using a masculine word.

However, despite this she does have a soft side, as seen when she cried out of embarrassment after she was saved by Rokuro Enmado. She appears to have developed feelings for him as seen when she caught a glimpse him of at Seiyouin Academy where she hid and began blushing.

She is capable of changing her views, as she saw that Rokuro was not really weak in his match with a Heavenly Commander and even cheered him on as he overwhelmed his opponent. Her new views can be seen, as she can no longer deem Rokuro as a weakling since he exceeded her expectations.


Shizuru is introduced where she joins her father and her family of exorcists on the trip to Magano. She reprimands her father for being to polite to Rokuro Enmado whom she tells that just because of his fancy title he was still a an exorcist from the mainland, which doesn't mean he gets special treatment. She tells him her family (who she refers to in a masculine way) has been fighting exorcists for centuries and if he wants to play exorcist he should go home. Shizuru is subsequently scolded by her father who spanks her for talking in such manner though he agrees with where she's coming from.

In Magano, she aided her family and comrades in battle before going to look down on Rokuro when he was unable to stand and became in the other world. Her taunts prevented her from sensing a nearby Kegare, before being alerted by her father of the danger. Shizuru was pushed out of the way by Rokuro who she was surprised would save her, despite her previous treatment of him. After Tenma Unomiya repelled the Kegare, Shizuru was shown blushing being unable to get the thought of her rescue out of her mind.[1]

Sometime later, she caught a glimpse of Rokuro at Seiyouin Academy where she hid herself and began blushing due to having previously thought he was a middle schooler.

During a family outing, Shizuru is seen picking out weapons as her father scolds her for taking too long as she explains she is trying to pick out the right one. Rokuro then appears causing Shizuru to become flustered at seeing him and after he notices her he gets her name wrong and she corrects him. When Rokuro notes on the coincidence and their chemistry together, Shizuru shrugs this off by stating she is in higher class than him but is annoyed when he ignores her. Shizuru inquires on what Rokuro was buying and is told that it is his secret weapon in the games. Her mother and siblings then appear, Shizuru then gives her status as the second daughter when her siblings give their names and status in the family. She is then flustered when her father offers to let Rokuro join their house and let him marry her. She yells at her father by stating she wouldn't marry a weakling like him and is annoyed when Rokuro gives a blank speechless look. Shizuru then leaves to eat with her family and is told by her family to tell her mother that he'll be late when Rokuro asks to talk with him.

During the time before Hadarae Castle Games, as depicted in the second official novel, her roomate Mayura Amawaka asked her to train with her, as she is always friendly to Mayura. Shizuru refused as she would also attend the Game, being busy with training and even may match with Mayura.

Later during the Battle of Exorcists, she fought Sada Sakura but loses. Before her fight, she tell Rokuro about her determination and Rokuro cheer for her during her fight. She recovered while her older brother Gunki Ioroi was fighting and delighted for his victory.

She later watches Rokuro fight Kankuro Mitosaka, while she was initially put off by the form of Rokuro's Shikigami, she is awed at its transformation and watches as he uses it to send the Heavenly Commander flying. She even cheered him on as he maintained the upper-hand in the battle before he won the match, to her amazement as she saw his real strength.[2]

While preparing for the mission, Shizuru stands with her family before Rokuro appears. She watches as her father speaks with him, while praising him for his new developed as the Head of his own house. As she watches, she can only think about the games and her being amazed by his great strength before her brother Gunki cuts her thoughts off by mentioning how she fell for him, while she frantically denies this but Kazuma states they are both aware of her feelings to Rokuro. At that second, Rokuro approaches her and mistakes her name again before she corrects him while wondering if he does it on purpose. Shizuru is then shocked and embarrassed when both her brothers tried to help her with her feelings, by asking Rokuro to have a meal with her. When he accepts, she is shocked but threatens him to show up and he agrees. Afterwards, she tries to fix her face while her father and older brothers glance at her embarrassment.[3]

Powers and Abilities

As a member of the Ioroi House, Shizuru is a capable exorcist which is shown when she is able to withstand the heavy pressure of Magano on Tsuchimikado Island.

Enchanted Gear: As an exorcist from Tsuchimikado Island, Shizuru is stronger than the average exorcist and goes into battle prepared. Her ability of mastering more delicate techniques as an Ioroi was praised by Kengo Ujii.

  • Evil-Crushing Attack (凶羅砕撃 Kyōra Saigeki?): Using the Impurity-Crushing Hammer Charm (砕槌穢符 Saitsuie Fu?), Shizuru enables her hammer to harm Kegare.[4]
  • Seven Hatred Bounding Chain (七恨縛鎖 Shichikon Bakusa?): An advanced version of Bonding Technique (止縛法 Jibaku Hō?), this technique not only stop the action of the opponent, but also can possibly seal the spell power.[5]

Kōchin: In the battle against Gabura, after Narumi Ioroi is fatally wounded she inherits Kōchin. Soon after inheriting it she uses its power to save Sakura Sada from Gabura.[6]

  • Koden Chinza (勾殿陳坐 Kōden Chinza): Shizuru uses her guardian's abilities to manipulate earth enabling her to attack with earth made objects (e.g. gigantic weapons, colossal gollems, etc.).[7]
    • Kongo Senseijo (金剛戦聖女 Kongō Senseijo?): [8]



Narumi Ioroi

Shizuru greatly admires her father and wanted to fight alongside him to carry on his burden in her childhood. This attitude was due to him once going with her mother to see him in a critically wounded state begging him not to die.

Years later, she now fights along with her father and brothers in battle seemingly the only daughter to be an exorcist. They get along, with Narumi sometimes embarrassing his daughter like a regular father which frustrates her to no end. Narumi is often frustrated with her using masculine speeches even spanking her (despite her being a teenaged girl) in public.

Tamami Ioroi

Shizuru loves her mother that she like to eat her food, especially fried chicken, but she does not agree to her teaching to the Ioroi girls that women should be satisfied in the family domain.

Gunki Ioroi & Kazuma Ioroi

Gunki and Kazuma are both aware of her feelings to Rokuro Enmado that they tried to help her with her feelings, by asking Rokuro to have a meal with her. Although embarrassed by her brothers’ actions, she followed their lead.[9] They are determined to protect her before the encounter with Gabura. While Kazuma instantly taken down in a sudden, Gunki resisted Gabura for a while and entrusted Narumi to her.[10] The deaths of her brothers took a great toll on her, as she mourned them.


Rokuro Enmado

Initially, Shizuru was hostile towards Rokuro simply because he was an exorcist from the mainland. She disregarded his title as a Twin Star and looked down on him when he was unable to anything in Magano. However, she was shocked when Rokuro saved her from being attacked by a Kegare despite her previous treatment towards him. Shizuru was left blushing at the thought of being saved by a mainland Exorcist even though she was cruel to him.

It seems she developed feelings for him as she was blushing as a result of the experience. She later caught a glimpse of him at the Seiyouin Academy, hiding and blushing at seeing Rokuro again. She was also shocked to learn that he was actually her age as she mistook him for someone younger.

When they meet again, she is surprised to meet him again and was embarrassed by her father's (jokingly) suggesting him to marry her.

She somewhat forms a little respect for him before her match against Sakura Sada as he showed admiration for her abilities and gave her encouraging words. When she was facing a problem in her fight, Rokuro cheered her on and she was touched by his words even though she still lost.

While Shizuru still looked down on his strength, she saw his true power as she watched him overwhelm Kankuro Mitosaka, who is the third strongest of the Twelve Guardians. This caused her to take back her previous views of him and understand her father's treatment towards him, which is seen with her being amazed by his skill and tenacity in the remainder of his battle against the Heavenly Commander.[11] She then witnessed Rokuro emerged victorious, greatly impressing her as she saw he really was powerful.[12]

A running gag, is that Rokuro continuously forgets her name resulting in her correcting him each time. She seems to believe that he is actually doing it on purpose.

After the games, they meet again with Shizuru no longer viewing Rokuro as a weakling since she saw his real power and has more respect towards him. Her affections remain, as she still blushes around him even getting embarrassed by her older brothers setting a date for her with Rokuro. She even grabbed him to make sure he accepted and threatened him if he missed it, when this was done though this was shrugged off as he wished her luck in a mission.[13]

Mayura Otomi

Mayura is Shizuru's roommate at school. Despite her views of mainland exorcists, she is very friendly to Mayura and is usually willing to train with her. Coincidentally, both girls share feelings for the same boy Rokuro Enmado and Shizuru was aware of Mayura’s feelings while surprised Mayura knew of hers. However, both resolved support his and Benio Adashino's relationship for the time being.


  • According to the author Yoshiaki Sukeno's Twitter @sukeno0723, Shizuru is his favorite female character in this work.


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