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Subaru Mitejima (じま すばる Mitejima Subaru?) is an exorcist and Tenkō (天后 "Heaven Empress"?) of the Twelve Guardians.


Subaru appears to be a young and gorgeous woman with ankle-length blonde hair that has ringlets at the end where there are pink side-locks with bangs swept to the right side and she is always seen with both hers eyes closed, but her eyes are sometimes opened where it is shown to be a blue color.

She wears a white frilly gown with pink lining, black gloves and a matching large white sun hat decorated with a large pink bow, giving her an image of a high-class lady.


Subaru is a calm, cheerful, elegant and friendly person who is rarely seen serious or angry where she enjoys teasing Rokuro Enmado and Benio Adashino's relationship.



Subaru is seen with Sakura taking over Mayura's Job dealing with the impurities.

In the island tournament, she is matched up against Mayura and though they were meant to fight Subaru teased the latter by fondling her, to Mayura's dismay. Subaru told her not to be so nervous and tells her it's alright to attack but Mayura refuses demanding for her to put armor on herself. The heavenly commander refuses and starts attacking repeating that it's alright for her to attack her if she so wishes to, to which Mayura; after getting hit by her attacks; says that she'll end up killing her if she gets serious. This act was met with jeers from the crowd, particularly the Mitejima house who stated Mayura had no chance against their leader. Subaru asks Mayura why she was fighting anyway since her homeland had nothing to worry about but laughed after hearing the girl's reason was to keep her friends from being sad. She obliged Mayura's request to fight back and soon overwhelmed the young girl who realized her arrogance was what led to her defeat. Subaru declares aloud that she will take Mayura as her disciple and that she can still get even stronger. Subaru also quietly tells herself: 'It's possible that one day, I might have you kill that child in my place'.


Subaru Mitejima

Subaru first appeared on Episode 10 where she greets Rokuro and Benio in their house commenting that it needs a little more decorations and asking how was their marriage. Rokuro and Benio then begs Subaru to trains them to which she agreed just to be found out to be a Date Training rather than Exorcists Training they were asking for. As their date progress, Subaru was constantly seen teasing them especially if they failed to do what they're asked to and when a horde of Kegare appeared she demonstrate her powers by exorcising them with ease using her guns. She then later stayed at the Twin Star Exorcists' house so that she can continue with their training (Marriage Training).

She later had a Hide And Seek game with the Twin Star Exorcists with the condition that if they win she will train them which proves to hard because Subaru already anticipated all they're possible moves and when Rokuro and Benio fought with a Giant Kegare, she was shown watching with Tatara only to be found out that it was yet another familiar for the Subaru is really watching a movie in a parking grounds.

Subaru during the Ritual

Subaru and Tatara reported their discovery which is the broken branch of the Abe No Mihashira and She later participated in the Heavenly Blue Earth Ritual in hopes of permanently closing the dragon spots, being the one of Six Guardian that will channel the spell and having Tatara to protect her area. But unfortunately, Subaru and the others were trapped when Kuranashi turned the Spell Ritual against them and was only freed when Sae returned to the Ama No Mihashira.[1]

She is present when Mikage Tsuchimikado announced that he will be the acting Head Exorcists while Arima is missing and was later seen participating in finding Arima like the other Heavenly Commanders.

In Episode 33, Subaru and Tatara are still on the Magano trying to find Arima but only Kuranashi's lingering scent is what they found. At the Twelve Guardian's Meeting, when Tenma Unomiya comments on Miku Zeze's current age, Subaru was irritated saying that one even struck a nerve with her and when Mikage reported about the oracle saying Arima is dead she is one of the most shocked in the room but still tried not to panicked as seen when she still manage to calm Tatara who is about to throw a tantrum.

Powers and Abilities


Heaven Empress Master Talisman (聖后顕符 Seigō Genpu?)

Tensei Koro (天聖后爐 Tensei Kōro?): Subaru used the power of Shikigami, Heaven Empress to enchant the water in atmosphere forming firearms.[2]
  • Sange - Endless Rhapsody (散華・霧限狂詩曲エンドレスラプソディー Sange - Endoresu Rapusodī?): [3]
  • Mumyo - Sacred Waltz (無明・真聖円舞曲セイクリッドワルツ Mumyō - Seikuriddo Warutsu?): [4]
  • Eko - Destruction Nocturne (廻向・破壊夜想曲ディストラクションノクターン Ekō - Disutorakushon Nokutān?): [5]
  • Kuon - Invisible Symphony (久遠・無影交響詩インヴィシブルシンフォニー Kuon - Invishiburu Shinfonī?): [6]


Heaven Empress Master Talisman (聖后顕符 Seigō Genpu?): To use it, she folds her fan and recites the incantation to release its power. She can unleash any type of gun when she unfolds it and removes one leaf of the fan deck. The fan itself can also be used for Endless Rhapsody.

  • Endless Rhapsody: Subaru unfolds her fan and throws it to the sky and forms a sort of wheel on her back. She unleashes all the talismans from her fan deck and it forms into many guns such as a tommy gun, shotgun, etc. with a support at the back and she can pick up 2 types of guns at a time then she relentlessly fires at her enemies.


Benio Adashino

Benio was former student of Subaru. Benio recalled Subaru encouraging her to work hard to be the next head of Adashino House.[7] However, Subaru wanted Mayura to kill Benio for her if needed, possibly for Benio being the Great Yin.

In anime, most of her lessons also have Dating Tips and Lessons too.

Mayura Otomi

Mayura's first impression to Subaru is, that Subaru and her mother are similar.

After the match, Subaru forcefully take her as an apprentice. She trained Mayura in a Spartan style, even harsher than Seigen.


Subaru and Gaja seemingly met in the past. Gaja recognized Subaru when she confronted him but noting that she had aged.


  • Subaru's surname Mitejima means "honorable" (御) (mi), "cash, bad habit, humble prefix, gift, Shinto offerings of cloth, rope, cut paper" (幣) (te) and "island" (島) (shima/jima).


  • According to Narumi Ioroi's opinion, in terms of order in strength, Subaru is ranked 5th (Rank 6th if you include Seigen Amawaka who is already retired) thus making her the most powerful female exorcist within the Twelve Guardians.
  • Subaru speaks in a Kyoto dialect.
  • A running gag in the anime involves Subaru being a very big eater as she is able to eat ten whole cups of ramen, despite actually being on a diet.


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