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Sutara (?) is a Basara that hails from the Outcast Valley village.




In Outcast Valley, Sutara played the role of killing all the children of Abe no Seimei once they fell from their birthing location on the King of Impurities where she is sealed. After performing this task for centuries on end, he encountered Rokuro, who smiled instead of crying upon seeing Sutara. Unsure of why he did so, Sutara took the baby Rokuro back home to Outcast Valley with him and raised Rokuro alongside his wife, Asuha. Using his ability to convert Yang energy into Yin energy and vice versa, Sutara created a nursery which is referred to as "The Inner Yin", filled with Yang energy to raise Rokuro in a more suitable environment for him. After raising him for 6 years, Rokuro's Yang energy grew too powerful to remain hidden from the rest of the village and so Sutara and Asuha erased all of Rokuro's memories of their time together, abandoning him at the highest layer they could reach so that he'd be found by exorcists.

Powers & Abilities

Sutara can convert Yang Energy into Yin Energy with a spell, meaning the stronger his opponent's spiritual power is, the stronger his defense will be.[1] As later revealed, Sutara was also capable of doing the opposite, converting Yin Energy into Yang Energy, allowing him to create an environment were a normal human can live in despite in the deepest layers of Magano.



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