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Suzu (珠洲 Suzu?) is a Basara that hails from the Outcast Valley village.


Suzu has the appearance of a well-endowed young woman with dark skin and wears an opened Japanese kimono with a white bra under it and a pair of black boots. Her pink hair is in twintails tied with a black ribbon.



Her behavior is fun and cheeky; however, she is also shown to be observant and philosophical during her interaction with humans. Suzu seemingly has a tendency to switch between her intelligent, philosophical personality to a flamboyant, hyper excitable personality in rapid change, especially when she finds something or someone who piques her interest. She also expresses curiosity in humans due to her claiming having never meet any and has not shown the typical desire of impurities to slaughter humans for pleasure. She is also very perverted, as she used her feminine charms in attempt to seduce Rokuro, though it fails. She enjoys needling at her opponents sensitive spots, as she teased Benio and Mayura about their jealously at her interaction with Rokuro.


She is very flamboyant, and wildspoken, often bursting into playing heavy metal songs.



She is one of the new Basara to have appeared.

Suzu is confronted by Rokuro, Benio and Mayura. Suzu incapacitates the exorcists accompanying them with her music. She is then attacked by Rokuro but evades him. Suzu confronts Rokuro and states she sensed their presence, despite them hiding their powers.

Suzu is intrigued by Rokuro says he likes her music, comparing it to a love confession. However, she disturbs Rokuro with her words and they battle with him accusing her slaughtering other exorcists. Taking offense, Suzu declares she never killed a human and remarks Rokuro is the first human she has seen.[1] Although confused by her attitude, Rokuro wonders how a Basara can evolve if Suzu has not killed any exorcists.[2]

Suzu soon overpowers Rokuro and makes an unsuccessful attempt to seduce him with her feminine charms. Rokuro then announces he has a wife named Benio, as Suzu points out the jealous Benio and Mayura. Suzu is attacked by Mayura before Benio tells Rokuro they are doing Resonance. Suzu emerges with minor wounds but her top and most of her arm is destroyed. Suzu realizes they are the Twin Stars and though she states she should kill them, she has other plans. Suzu then questions with the death of Sakanashi why they have awakened as Great Yang. After giving her name, Suzu escapes while tauntingly telling Rokuro that she will see him again.

When Kamui led Rokuro through Magano, he takes him to Outcast Valley, a village of Basara. She is initially annoyed that he brought an exorcist to their domain. Suzu became delighted to see it is Rokuro who she charges at with an embrace.

Powers and Abilities


Although Suzu's ranking is still unknown, she is a powerful Impurity with an immense Enchanted Power. As seen where she managed to kill a powerful Rank A Shinja Impurity and massacre an entire horde of Ja to Shinja level Impurities and later managed to overpower Rokuro, one of the Twin Star Exorcists with little effort.

  • Immense Enchanted Power: As a Basara, Suzu possess immense enchanted power on par or surpassing members of the Twelve Guardians.
  • Immense Endurance & Durability: Suzu survived being blasted by a Twin Star's Resonance attack, coming out of the attack only missing one arm and a few minor scratches, showing that she possess immense endurance and durability.[3]
  • Superhuman Hearing: During her first encounter with Exorcists, Suzu was able to easily detect the scouting team sent from Tsuchimikado Island by simply hearing their chatter and foot steps, despite performing her music in full blast.[4]
  • Regeneration: She seems able to regenerate as she was able to regain her arm after it had been destroyed by Rokuro and Benio using Resonance.
  • Sound Power: Suzu primarily employs sound based power in order to fight that thus then grants her varying powers and abilities and an immense spell affect range due to how wide and fast her sound travels. Suzu primarily uses a biwa-like instrument to generate sound and channel her spells through.
    • Unknown Spell: Suzu use an unknown spell laced into her music that once heard, the affected victims begins to develop several miniature faces bulbs on their face and head, causing them great pain and most likely killing the targets from the internal damage.[5] This spell is powerful enough to affect and kill many Shinja and Ja level impurities and affect mid-level exorcists. However, beings with powerful Enchanted Powers such as members of the Twelve Guardians and Twin Star Exorcists are seemingly immune from this spells effects.
    • Sound Blasts: Suzu can create powerful sound blasts as her main offensive spell. Rokuro noted that this attack was similar to Kamui's vibration kicks, but more difficult to dodge due to its invisibility and wide range.[6]
    • Sound Barrier: Suzu can use sound to create a barrier to protect herself, managing to completely block all of Rokuro's long range spell blasts, forcing him to resort to close range attacks.[7]
  • Impurity Servants: Suzu is always accompanied by Takiri[8] (タキリ), Sayori[9] (サヨリ) and Takitsu[10] (タキツ), three large humanoid Shinja Impurities that primarily act as her "band mates" during her "performances". They are able to play various instruments for her to complement her biwa.[11]


As a Basara Suzu is shown to possess immense reserves of Spell Powers and is shown to be able to easily cast and create powerful enchantments and spells with little effort and due to her age being several hundreds of years old, Suzu has shown to have immense knowledge on human behavior, culture, philosophy and psychology as seen during monologues.

  • Impure Death Equip: Suzu is able to transform the ends of her twin tails into scythes.
  • Roengaimu (ローエンガイム Rōengaimu?): A charm received from Kuranashi which allows Suzu to enter the real world while covered in miasma and receive a constant flow of it from Magano, allowing her to remain in the physical world indefinitely.
  • Flame Manipulation: Suzu displayed a degree of control over fire, having been able to manipulate preexisting flames in torches to create wings and other theatrical effects.


  • Suzu was introduced as an anime-only Basara but was included in the manga later on.
  • She is the first Basara to hail from the Basara village to be introduced.
  • She is one of the few Basara to have affections for humans.
  • In the anime, she states she over hundreds of years old, while her age in the manga is unknown.


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