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Tamami Ioroi (五百蔵 珠美 Ioroi Tamami) is a citizen of Tsuchimikado Island. She is the mother of the nine children of Ioroi Main Family and the wife of Narumi Ioroi who is possibly a housewife as her family love her dishes and she makes very complicated bento (In SD As Imperative Order!!) for them.


Unlike her children and husband, Tamami has a rather small body, much shorter than Rokuro Enmado. She has black short hair that has a headbead. She also look youthful in her mid 40s and her appearance has not been changed much through her lifetime.


Tamami is a brave and caring woman in her childhood and youth. After marriage to Narumi Ioroi, she tend to be scared and heartbroken for her family members' injury. She strives to be a good homemaker (wife and mother) and want her daughters to be like that.


Tamami was born in a family without much spell power in one of the smaller islands, while she did study in the Main Island for a while and met Narumi Ioroi when he was a weak child. As her father act cowardly towards stronger people, she act bravely to overcome her weakness, the small body. Later Narumi swam to the island she lived to see her and proposed to her. She later married into Ioroi House and gave birth to nine children.


  • The name Tamami means "bead, pearl, gem, jewel" (珠) (tama) and "beautiful" (美) (mi).


  • Before Rokuro Enmado saw Tamami, he imagined her as big and strong as Narumi Ioroi or children, but she was shocked by her true appearance.