Tatara (?) is an exorcist and Tōda (騰蛇? "Soaring Snake") of the Twelve Guardians.

In the anime, he is revealed to be a Shikigami.[1]


Tatara appears to be wearing a male priest uniform. He has a paper mask that covers his face, Tatara's mood is reflected on the paper that covers his face. He also holds a bag of bread crumbs that he eats out of fairly often.

When using his powers, his mask is taken off. In this form, he is shown to have cracks under his sharp eyes, similar to snake scales. After being brought back to life in the anime, his size has decreased so that he's now as small as Kinako.[1]


Tatara is considered the most sinister of the Twelve Guardians; shown to have little to no toleration towards any exorcist breaking the rules, but is generally calm as long as no rules are broken.[2] He will only use his abilities where necessary as he did when fighting against the other houses in competition. His personality changes greatly when facing greater threats, seemingly maniacal when using his Poison Fog against Basara and impurities that entered reality on Tsuchimikado Island despite the danger of harming allies nearby.

The mask that covers his face shows emoticons expressing his current mood. While having his face covered, he is capable of speech; albeit in a non-fluid way.

In the anime, he does have a justified reaction when displeased, such as when he shows a brief flash of his power after an Impurity slashes his bag of bread crumbs.[3]


Tatara and members of his household were present for discussing Rokuro Enmado's adoption into one of the twelve major households.

He later appears behind Rokuro Enmado and Kinako to scare off Itsuki Zeze and other members of the Zeze House, who are attempting to repossess the Adashino House's land. He laughs and comments on Rokuro's declaration to form his own household.[4] Tatara would be seen briefly participating in the Hadarae Castle Games, standing over a defeated opponent.


Tatara fought Kuranashi without restraint, not just to avenge the deaths of the Twelve Guardians and protect the Twin Stars, but also to make Kuranashi pay for the massacre on his hometown 600 years ago, the Kingdom of Noto. As mentioned by Seigen Amawaka, Kuranashi used his spell power to make seven villages of the kingdom ascend to the sky, and used his army of Impurities to slaughter all the people on the floating islands. Tatara might be the sole survivor of the Noto Tragedy.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Not much is known about Tatara's powers other than him being the "most destructive"[5] and "most sinister" of the Twelve Guardians.[2]


Tatara is shown to be wild and chaotic, and evidently very powerful, as he was able to go up against Kuranashi who had absorbed the powers of the Twelve Guardians.[6]

Mystical Snake Master Talisman (幻蛇顕符 Genja Genpu?)

Togen Dada (騰幻蛇堕 Tōgen Dada?): Tatara releases his power, with hidden marks on his forehead and chest glowing as a sign of its awakening. His body turn half human-half snake-like creature.[7]


Subaru Mitejima

In the anime, Tatara is usually seen with Subaru, another Guardian and Benio's mentor.


In the anime, Tatara has been holding a grudge against Kuranashi for more than 600 years.


  • Unlike in the manga, Tatara only speaks when extremely angered or agitated in the anime.


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