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Yamato (山門?) is a Basara that hails from the Outcast Valley village.



Yamato is shown to look like a physically fit, teenage year looking young man wearing a skin tight sleeveless black body suit only covering his torso until his thighs.

After rampaging around the Island, Yamato was shown to have found the same feathered coat jacket and shades he wears in the Anime and adopted them into his look.


Yamato has the appearance of a young man, he wears yellow and purple sunglasses as well a purple outfit which comes with a cape, that covers most of of his body.




Yamato has a rather flamboyant personality which fits his appearance.

He loves Kegare as they can help him in a battle and be useful combat uses.

Even though he seems to be loyal to Kuranashi, he declares he will be ready to rule even Kuranashi once he absorbs the power of all Twelve Guardians.



He is one of the new Basara to have been created.

During the mass wide invasion of Impurities at Tsuchimikado Island, Yamato appeared through one of the portals Sakanashi prepared with Beru. Yamato and Beru in particular would enter into the real world right at Tsuchimikado House's Manor and right in front of Arimori Tsuchimikado and his two retainers, who two would then proceed to attack them.


Yamato is killed when fighting Kankuro Mitosaka and Ujii Kengo of Twelve Heavenly Commanders after underestimating their abilities.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immense Spell Power: As a Basara, Yamato posses immense Spell Power that surpasses a Heavenly Guardian by default.

Powers & Abilities

  • Bakura Bakuna (爆鑼爆那 Bakura Bakuna?, lit. Ringing Echoes of Explosion): Yamato's Impure Death Equip.[1] As seen during his confrontation against Arimori Tsuchimikado and his two retainers, Yamato is able to conjure powerful bomb-like Shikigami the size of a small ball. These bombs has bat-like wings and can be commanded by Yamato to fly directly into his opponents. The blasts themselves are shown to be powerful enough to completely destroy the upper body of a human being, leaving only their legs behind and create large crater. As stated by Yamato during his fight against Tenma Unomiya, his bombs feeds off the energies off of the Yang energies used by human exorcists to power their spells.
    • Sensitive Landmines: Yamato has shown the ability to create a variation of his mobile bombs where he could completely render them invisible and near undetectable and scatter them around his opponents. As stated by Yamato, these bombs were extremely sensitive and would go off if someone recklessly moved and unleashed spell power recklessly.
    • Parasitic Bombs: Yamato has showcased to use a variation of Bakura Bakuna where he can directly implant his bombs into the bodies of his victims and from there detonate them as living human suicide bombers towards his target.


  • Enhanced Enchanted Power: As a Basara, he is more powerful than most Kegare and Exorcist.
  • Impurity Corruption Spell: Yamato is capable of summoning a giant impurity and absorbing the Kegare as a power source.


  • "Nothing beats of having an expendable help especially when it's exorcists."


  • Yamato was introduced as an anime-only Basara but was included in the manga later on.


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