Yamato (山門?) is an Impurity and a Basara in the anime. He was one of the entrusted comrades that Kuranashi had.


Yamato has the appearance of a young man, he wears yellow and purple sunglasses as well a purple outfit which comes with a cape. Yamato manages to hide most of the parts that are thought to belong to only Basara. The only part is his skin is very tanned and his Basara eye could be seen very briefly in the last episode where Yamato can be seen alive.


From what is seen, Yamato has a rather flamboyant personality which fits his appearance.

He loves Kegare as they can help him in a battle and be useful combat uses.

Even though he seems to be loyal to Kuranashi, he declares he will be ready to rule even Kuranashi once he absorbs the power of all Twelve Guardians.


Yamato was killed when fighting Kankuro Mitosaka and Ujii Kengo of Twelve Heavenly Commanders after underestimating their abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Enchanted Power: As a Basara, he is more powerful than most Kegare and Exorcist. Arima stated that most Basara are comparable or even stronger than Twelve Heavenly Commanders.

Impurity Corruption Spell: Yamato is capable of summoning a giant impurity and absorbing the Kegare as a power source.



Nothing beats of having an expendable help especially when it's exorcists.