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Yuzuriha (ゆずりは?) is the fifth Basara.


Although Yuzuriha is older than Kamui, she has a child or preteen-like appearance with long light green hair that is tied into two braids that stop short of her waist.

She wears a school swimsuit and a hoodie with 'rabbit' ears. As is common with Basara, her eyes are mismatched: the left is golden while the right is bright red with black sclera, and has a crack-like scar running down the right side of her face.


During Yuzuriha's first appearance, she is shown to have a somewhat air headed and innocent personality,as seen where she nonchalantly told Sakanashi on how she didn't mind screaming in pain and agony when using her abilities and powers due to her being a "Super-Masochist" with a straight face.

However despite her extreme eccentricities, Yuzuriha is shown to be friendly and cordial enough with her fellow Basara's, as seen where she was willing to do favors for several of them. As seen where she assisted Hijirimaru and Higano in identifying that a powerful Spell Power had left the island and headed inland and later was willing enough to help Shiromi in identifying on what happened to them after their deaths.

However, despite being friendly with most of them, Yuzuriha is shown to have a strong personal loyalty and friendship with Sakanashi, as seen where she was frequently seen by his side and assisting him in his schemes to destroy Tsuchimikado Island and later was willing to go through inhumane amounts of pain by becoming a living portal for Sakanashi's Impurity Army to invade and raze the island. Later upon his death, Yuzuriha is shown to not have fully accepted his death and was seen asking on what are they to do now to his severed head.


Powers and Abilities

  • Pain Tolerance: Due to Yuzuriha's masochist tendencies, she seems to have expanded her pain threshold, though intense pain put some strain on her body. Despite that, she would continue tasks until their completion and move thereafter showing no concern for injuries nor loss in stamina.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; refs with no name must have content
    • Sensory Skills: Yuzuriha demonstrated accurate sensory and analysis skills of engaging exorcists while still within Magano, even from its deepest levels. Sensing these powers seems to give her great pain.[4]
      • Pain Sensing: Yuzuriha is shown to possess the unique ability to sense and gauge the overall powers of a specific exorcist using a specialized sensory spell that involves her seemingly going through intense pain coursing through all across her body. She was first seen using this ability when she was asked by Sakanashi to gauge the overall Spell Power of the current generation's Kijin, Tenma Unomiya, from how deep the scars in her wrists was.
      • Blood Divination: By inflicting self harm from herself and bleeding,Yuzuriha has shown the ability to divine incredibly accurate information on any person she desires. As seen during the time Shiromi inquired to her on who killed Hijirimaru and Higano,Yuzuriha was able to easily divine the play by play during the two battle against the Twin Star Exorcists and identify the Spell Powers of their other opponents and that Hijirimaru has seemingly gained a massive boost of power before being killed and later she even managed to make accurate drawings of their killers using her blood despite never actually meeting them or knowing their faces.
  • Shara Shigen (沙邏死眼 Shara Shigen?, lit. Sals Eyes of Death)[5][6]: Yuzuriha's Impure Death Equip. Details are unknown.




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